Natalya Talks In-Depth About Recently Getting Her Teeth Knocked Out

As noted, WWE Superstar Natalya got her two front teeth knocked out during a recent six-woman tag-team match at the WWE live event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

During a recent interview with Channel Guide Magazine, Nattie spoke about the incident.

“I tend to have a lot of problems with those two teeth, because when I was younger I was in an accident on my bicycle and that impacted them,” said Nattie. “So they have always been really loose. It was their day. There is a dentist on every corner in Las Vegas, so basically I finished the match and worked through it. I had great girls I was in the ring with. I’m OK. I’m really tough. I’m not sure when I hurt anymore.”

Nattie continued, explaining her reaction after it happened and how she has dealt with it since then.

“I was back the next day,” said Natalya. “I just couldn’t stop laughing after it happened. I was like, ‘Oh my God! My two front teeth are out.’ Of course I grabbed Renee Young and said, ‘You’re coming with me to the dentist to handle this.'”