Neville Now “100% Gone”, Impact Pizza Announced, Foley’s Book

It was reported last week after Raw that former Cruiserweight Champion Neville requested his release from WWE as he was growing unhappy with his role in the company. While WWE still has not confirmed the departure, Dave Meltzer confirmed on Wrestling Observer Radio that Neville is now “100% gone” from WWE. It appears that the official statement from Neville and WWE confirming the split is expected to be released very soon. Neville reportedly has plans to revisit the independent wrestling scene and improve himself, much like Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes were able to do after they left their jobs with WWE.
A special treat for the citizens of Ottawa is coming just in time for Bound for Glory: Impact Pizza! Impact Wrestling put out a statement earlier today revealing that they have partnered up with local pizza company Crust & Crate Fast Fired Pizza Pub to create an Impact pizza and beverage. Eli Drake and Lashley will be joining representatives from the pizza company on Friday to reveal the new menu items. The company will also be hosting all Impact events taking place after Bound for Glory in Ottawa next month. The new pizza and drink will officially be released to the public for a limited time on November 5th-November 10th.
Mick Foley has managed to have an incredible career in professional wrestling that has lasted for several decades. He recently served as the General Manger of Raw until he was replaced by Kurt Angle earlier this year. Foley has written numerous books over the years, but his newest one is officially hitting shelves now. Saint Mick details Foley’s recent fascination with the Christmas holiday and Santa Claus. It also includes brand new photos of the Foley family, and a foreword is written by Stephanie McMahon as well. This is Mick Foley’s tenth book release, and it is also the fifth memoir that he has written.


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