Nonprofit sues to remove three-state California proposal from ballot

A nonprofit group has reportedly filed a lawsuit in opposition to the California ballot measure that could split the state in three.

Environmental nonprofit group the Planning and Conservation League filed the lawsuit on Monday asking the California Supreme Court to take the measure off of the ballot, according to The Associated Press.

The proposal, known as “Cal-3,” received enough signatures last month to be added to the general election ballot in November.


The initiative is being championed by venture capitalist Tim Draper, and would split the state into California, Northern California and Southern California, all with similar populations.

The lawsuit argues that the Cal-3 measure should require two-thirds approval from the California state legislature or other approval before being put up for a vote. As it stands, the legislature would still have to vote in favor of the proposal if voters pass it in November.

It would also need congressional approval, which is highly unlikely. Similar proposals in the past have failed to get congressional support or have been invalidated by election officials.

Carlyle Hall, an attorney working on the lawsuit, told The Associated Press that the proposal is too drastic to be put up as a ballot initiative.

“The dislocation and the disruption that would be caused by something as great as this just can’t be understated,” Hall told the AP. “This will not make things better.”

Hall also argues that if the measure goes through, it could open the door to weakening of California’s environmental protections.

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