Paige Reportedly On Her Way Out Of WWE

It sounds like Paige’s days in WWE may be numbered. Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio on Monday that things are looking really bad for Paige in the company. Meltzer expects that Paige and WWE will negotiate her release in the near future.

Back in August, it was reported that Paige had “significant” issues with company management. This month it was reported on MLW Radio that a WWE executive approached both Paige and Alberto Del Rio and indicated that the office wanted them to break off their relationship. Mister Saint Laurent of MLW Radio claims that WWE actually threatened to fire Paige if she didn’t end things with Del Rio.

Paige is currently serving a 30-day suspension from WWE for violating their Wellness Policy. Alberto Del Rio’s lawyer gave notice to WWE earlier this summer that Del Rio would be opting out of his contract with the company, and will be free to work elsewhere at the end of September.

  • Paige & Alberto Del Rio Reportedly Harassed By WWE Official To End Their Relationship