People In India Pay More Than Rs 85/Litre Of Petrol, Other Countries Sell It Way Cheaper

One of the major promises of NarendraModi Before becoming the Prime Minister of India was to bring down the fuel prices in India. In 2014 the petrol prices were hovering around Rs 60, now it has crossed well over Rs 80. People are not yet on the streets against it, but now public opinion is changing thick and fast as people are asking the government what is wrong and why can’t the fuel be sold in India like its neighbouring countries.

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Today was the 11th straight hike in petrol and diesel prices. After a 26 paise hike in petrol today, the price for one-litre petrol has reached Rs 85.29 in Mumbai the diesel prices, on the other hand, were hiked by 16 paise to Rs 72.96 per litre.


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