Photo: Finn Balor Shows Off His Shoulder Following Surgery

On Wednesday, former WWE Universal Champion Finn Balor checked in on social media with another post-surgery update.

Featured below is a new photo from after “The Demon King’s” operation on Tuesday in Birmingham, Alabama. As noted, the doctor who performed the operation earlier this week spoke with after performing the surgery and revealed that Balor was suffering from a “more severe than normal” case of a torn labrum.

“Finn’s injury was pretty severe, more severe than normal,” said Jeffrey Dugas, the doctor who performed the operation on Tuesday evening. “A really high energy injury, it did more damage than a standard shoulder dislocation where you simply tear the labrum.”

Not all of the news coming out of Tuesday’s surgery was bad, however, as Dr. Dugas did point out that Balor’s prognosis was positive.

“We were able to fix it all and put it back where it came from. I’m anticipating him getting back at full speed.”

The belief is that Balor will be out for 4-6 months, which would keep him on the sidelines until early 2017.

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