PSG star Neymar issues statement after criticism of beach volleyball picture

The Brazilian has denied breaching the self-isolation protocols which have been put in place to contain the spread of coronavirus

Paris Saint-Germain superstar Neymar has released a statement via his entourage in response to being criticised for posting an image of himself playing beach volleyball with friends in Brazil.

The coronavirus crisis has caused major disruptions to the sporting calendar across the globe, with the 2019-20 football season currently on hold.

A number of countries have put strict measures in place in a bid to slow the rate of infection, as the number of confirmed cases and deaths continues to rise with each passing day.

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The majority of new Covid-19 cases are coming from Europe, which was officially named as the new epicentre of the pandemic earlier this month.

France are among a number of countries currently in a state of lockdown, leaving citizens with no choice but to self-isolate in their homes and practise social distancing wherever possible.

Ligue 1 is one of several major European leagues to have been suspended indefinitely, with Premiere Ligue president Bernard Caiazzo insisting the current campaign will not resume until June at the earliest.

PSG talisman Neymar flew back to his homeland to undertake his spell in quarantine, but caused controversy by uploading a picture to Instagram which showed him on a volleyball court with four other people and his son.

The 28-year-old has denied any wrongdoing, however, with his communications manager speaking out to clarify the Brazil international’s actions.

The statement reads: “The photo in question was published on Neymar’s Instagram and shows him with other people who are in quarantine with him, people who live and travelled together from Paris to Brazil.

“Neymar offered his home to all of them so they could spend the first 14 days there before meeting up with their respective families.

“The house where the athlete is doing his quarantine is totally isolated and provides peace and serenity so he can continue training and looking after his loved ones at this time of world pain and confinement.

“There are no visits or business meetings at the house, above all because the residential estate it’s on only permits access to residents.

“The exception in terms of visitors has been his son, Davi Lucca, who came to the house to stay with his dad.

“David, his mum, his stepdad and his brother were in Paris days earlier to visit him.

“Neymar is staying apart from other members of his family, like his mum, sister and grandmother, for example, because he understands this is a moment that demands an effort for the common good.

“The athlete continues with his daily work to prevent injuries and keep himself in shape with his trainer Ricardo Rosa, as he anxiously awaits the end of this sad moment for humanity and the restart of his professional activity.”

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