RAW Report 3/22/10 San Jose, California

This week’s RAW starts with music and pyro.

HBK out to the ring in street clothes, jeans and an HBK t-shirt, no cowboy hat. Video of Taker winning last week on SD! HBK tried to attack Taker, Taker caught him, but HBK nailed a super kick to drop Taker on the stage. He looks sad, but sounded happy. He said he’s got a feeling, the same feeling he had in January of 1992, right before he threw Marty Jannetty through the Barber shop window. The same feeling as back in March in 1996 when he beat Bret Hart for the championship. And the exact same feeling he had last week right before he kicked Taker’s teeth down his throat. It is the felling that he can do absolutely anything! By anything he means beating Taker at WM. Mixed reviews to that. It could be coincidence, but there’s a new HBK DVD out called My Journey, right when he’s putting his career on the line, like his career’s coming to the end. Clear off some space on that DVD shelf for volume 2, this is only the beginning. After WM he won’t only be known as the Headliner, the Showstopper, the Mainevent (not the Maineventer) the Heart Ache Kid (yes, he screwed up on his own name). Not only as a co-founder of DX, he might even cease being known as Shawn Michaels, but he will forever be known as the one and only man who ended Taker’s Streak. In six days… the lights went out, but then an HBK video started. Very young HBK with Marty, when he first started, then following his career to winning the RR and then the title. Into DX and HBK winning the title again. To HBK ending Flair’s career. Then HBK facing Taker last night, but losing. The ending shot was HBK 1985-2010 – this was a Taker video. “HBK” chants from the fans, but only a small group. HBK says he appreciates his little attempt to intimidate him, but he should come out and do it to his face. It’s Pete Rose who comes out looking really old. He wishes HBK luck at WM and says HBK’s the right man to end that streak. As guest host, he’d like HBK to compete tonight against Taker’s brother Kane. Same stipulations as WM. He needs someone to get revenge for all Kane’s done over the years. He’ll get revenge for Rose and for HBK. Rose wishes him luck.

King and Cole talk about HBK and Taker, then move onto Batista and Cena. The first time they met was at SummerSlam 2008. Video of that face-off.

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WWE Rewind – Morrison and R-Truth faced off against ShoMiz two weeks ago and showed up the Champions.

ShoMiz out to the ring, Big Show to announce. Morrison out with R-Truth in tow. Miz in the ring glaring at them.

Miz and Morrison talk smack in the ring after the bell, Miz backs off. Morrison on Miz hard on the mat! Morrison covers for two. Front facelock on Miz backs him into a corner until the ref breaks the hold. Miz walks out and bitch slaps Morrison. Morrison slaps back sending Miz flying as R-Truth talks smack at announce to Big Show. Miz out and Morrison flies out onto him.

– Commercial

Chinlock on Morrison in the center of the ring. King says Morrison suffered a neck injury at the hands of Miz during the commercial. Big Show talks up Miz in a huge way. Morrison ducked a kick and rolled Miz up, but Miz gained control and pinned for two. Big Show and R-Truth talked smack the whole time – beautifully! Headlock on Morrison in the center of the ring. Morrison works his way out and they exchange blows. Miz backed into a corner and Big Show complains. Miz rushes out and takes a flapjack from Morrison for two. Punches to the Miz on the mat. King says he feels the tension, but is between R-Truth and Big Show. Morrison slides out and pulls Miz’s feet out from under him. Morrison climbs. Big Show says Miz is a seasoned veteran, even though he’s been wrestling longer than Morrison. Miz up, but Morrison takes him off the corner hard. Morrison hits his split leg spinning moonsault for three.

– Winner: Morrison

Big Show and R-Truth to their feet talking smack. Big Show pushes R-Truth down, but he bounces back up. Morrison dropkicks Big Show through the ropes and into announce. Big Show and Miz rush the ring, but R-Truth and Morrison flee for safety of the ramp.

Backstage HHH is getting his knee brace on. He asks what would make him think HHH would want to talk to him? It’s Orton. Their past doesn’t go away. Orton messes with HHH and he’ll drop him where he stands. HHH still has to make it to WM. HHH is pissed at this.

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A bunch of San Francisco 49’ers in the front row.

Video from Elimination Chamber last month when Cena won, but then Batista came out and beat him. Cena and Batista will face off one last time tonight.

Swagger is at announce as they talk about the MITBLM at WM. This the final Qualifying Match for the MITBLM. (Been reading on WNW that WWE has gone back and forth about how many men in the match and finally decided to add this match in for a tenth man.) Kofi Kingston to the ring. Kozlov out to face him. Swagger says he wants no part of Kozlov.

Kofi on Kozlov with kicks. Swagger says he’s the favorite going into this match. Kozlov hung up top. Kofi back in with forearms, but slammed back to the mat. Head butts to Kofi’s chest and then Kofi’s flung belly to belly. Kozlov covered for two. Kofi up on Kozlov’s shoulder as he bounces up and down. Fall away slam on Kofi and then Kozlov pulls Kofi up and slams him across a corner. Kick to Kofi’s ribs as he lays up there. Kofi back up on Kozlov’s shoulder, but Kofi holds the ropes and reverses it into a DDT! Trouble in paradise and Kofi covers for three (as was stated on WNW Premium earlier in the week).

– Winner: Kofi Kingston

Kofi celebrates in the ring while Swagger looks on. Swagger says it’s too little too late. Kofi will face off against Christian, Shelton, Swagger, Drew, Kane, Evan, Matt Hardy, Ziggler and MVP in the MITBLM at WM.

Kane and HBK will face off later, the only way to win is by pinfall or submission.

HHH and Orton face off tonight against Sheamus and Legacy.

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Cole talks about Stu Hart being inducted into the WWE HOF this year thanks to Austin’s announcement last week. We also leaned, thanks King for reminding us, that Bret Hart never had a broken leg, it was all to draw Vince into this WM match.

Legacy out to the ring. Video from last week when HHH was in control of Orton until Legacy rushed in and attacked HHH and then Orton. Sheamus came in and gave a big boot to HHH and finished the show by posing with a foot on HHH’s chest. Heat for Legacy. Cody says they’ll be in a Triple Threat Match with Orton at WM. After 18 months of verbal tirades, temper tantrums and abuse. After 18 months they’re free. Everyone thinks Orton took them under his wing, but they’d have been superstars no matter what. The biggest misconception going is that they needed Orton. They didn’t need him, Orton needed them. Ted says at WM it doesn’t matter who wins, as long as Orton loses. Then his arrogance, his ignorance will be exposed. Cody says people said Orton was the future of the WWE. He’s six years younger than Orton and three years younger than Ted. Ted says they know they’re not the most liked, but they get it and don’t worry about it. Jealousy is human nature. It’s not they’re not born into a life of luxury like Ted is. Even Cody wasn’t! of course Cody glares at this. the point is that no one respects them, Orton doesn’t respect them. By next week, we will. That’s because Cody’s going to be the winner – so he states to Ted’s glare. Sheamus out with a big smile as he stares at the big WM sign. Sheamus into the ring.

– Commercial

Ted, Cody and Sheamus still standing in the ring waiting. HHH out next with his long entrance, water spitting and all. Orton out to join them all.

Legacy backed out of the ring leaving Sheamus in with HHH. Sheamus backed up and Cody came in. kick to Cody’s gut and HHH in complete control. Cody whipped and then a clothesline from HHH in a corner. Cody whipped and gets a foot up. Ted tags in and runs into a clothesline. Ted hit’s a forearm to HHH’s face then kicks his gut in a corner. HHH hit’s a face buster to a telegraphing Ted. Cheap shot on Sheamus! Ted dropkicks HHH from the ring. Sheamus slams HHH into the barrier behind the ref’s back. Sheamus tags in and stomps HHH in a corner. HHH punches back, but Sheamus hit’s a clothesline. Punches to HHH on the mat. “Triple H” chants. Sheamus backs into his corner with HHH in a front facelock. Ted tags in and works HHH over. Then Cody tags in to work HHH, then Ted tags back in to work on HHH. Sheamus attacks from outside. Snap mare from Ted and Cody tags in to kick HHH. HHH and Cody exchange blows. HHH telegraphs and Cody hits an upper cut. Spine buster to Cody. Both are down. Sheamus and Orton both tag in. Orton takes down Sheamus and then drags Ted in. Orton works them both over. Backbreaker to Sheamus. Orton sets up Sheamus, but Cody gets caught coming through the ropes. Sheamus hit’s a big boot and covers Orton for three.

– Winner: Legacy & Sheamus

HHH rolled into the ring by Legacy. Sheamus tries to kick HHH’s head off, but HHH fights back and clotheslines Sheamus from the ring. Sheamus wants more as he runs to the ring, up on the apron with one knee, but then falls back. The ref tries to keep Sheamus back, but it’s all himself staying out of the ring. Video of Sheamus taking out Orton to end the match. Then HHH turning the tables on Sheamus. Sheamus on the ramp keeps taunting HHH, but won’t get back in the ring.

King and Cole talk about HHH being ready for Sheamus, then move on to the feud between Cena and Batista. Video of Cena having to beat Batista to get to WM. Batista hit a low blow so Cena would win the match, so Batista could face him at WM. Then Batista destroyed Cena. They will have a final face-off tonight.

Backstage Bret Hart is heading for the ring.

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Video from last Monday’s contract signing between Bret Hart and Vince McMahon. Austin said there was one thing he forgot to tell Vince, but let Bret tall him. Bret had the cast off and had never broken his ankle, it was all to get Vince in the ring. Bret took Vince out with the cast. Vince screwed Vince!

Bret Hart out to the ring sans cast and crutch. Again in leather jacket, jeans shorts, Bret Hart t-shirt, Bret Hart ball cap and sunglasses. The same Bret we’ve seen week in and week out. “Bret” chants start slowly and then fill the arena. Bret says when he came back to the WWE a couple months, never thought he’d get a chance to go to WM. WM the greatest show on earth, something he’s been waiting for for a long time. 12 years ago he left the WWE and it left a bad taste in his mouth, sometimes he still tastes it. He can now go out with his head held high. He got the match he wanted at WM, facing Vince at WM. For years he’s head Vince say Bret screwed Bret. Starting next week all you’ll hear is ‘Bret beat Vince’. “Bret beat Vince” chants. Last week Vince referred to Bret’s family as a bunch of dysfunctional derelicts. All Bret can say about that is than next weekend in Phoenix there’s going to be more dysfunctional Harts wandering around than you can shake a stick at because they’re all coming down to induct Stu. Vince should keep his head low as he’d hate to see what his sisters would do to Vince if they got their hands on him. Vince McMahon, somehow you managed to drive half of your family out of the WWE. All those dysfunctional Harts will be there in full force to see Vince get the beat down of his life. A couple months ago HBK said that if Bret Hart came back to the WWE that good things would happen. He was right, good things are going to happen when Bret gets his hands on Vince. He’s waited a long time to get his hands around that scrawny neck. It’s going to be a pleasure giving all his fans around the world what they’ve been hoping for, dreaming for, wanting him to get his hands on Vince and at WM he’ll do just that. He thinks of the great match he had with Austin at WM13. The Iron Man Match with HBK at WM12. Even winning the IC Title from Piper. Even facing Owen at WM10. He remembers beating Yokozuna for the WWE Title for the third time. For his fans around the world, WM26 will be the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. That’s a promise, thank you very much! Bret’s music played, but then Vince came out without music to huge heat. On the stage Vince says… “You suck” chants. Vince says this Sunday, one way or another, you’re screwed. Vince said that is his famous gravely ‘you’re fired’ voice. Then that devious grin from Vince. Bret talks smack up at Vince, off mic.

Backstage HBK is heading for the ring. Pete Rose stops him and wishes HBK good luck.

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HBK comes out to the ring. Kane out to face him. Fire in the four corners.

HBK ducks Kane and hits chops, but then HBK runs into Kane’s big boot. Punches to HBK in a corner. Kane pulls HBK out of the corner with a snap mare and then low dropkick to a sitting HBK for two. HBK pulled up and Kane gets him up in a short delayed vertical suplex for another two. Forearm to HBK’s face, then chinlock. Another hit to HBK’s from behind. HBK whipped, then Kane clotheslines HBK in the corner. An upper cut in the center of the ring, then Kane stomps the heck out of HBK. HBK backed into a corner and more punches. HBK reverses Kane into the corner and chops the heck out of Kane. Kane reverses a whip and then hit’s a side slam on HBK for two. Kane out to the apron and climbs. Kane grabs Kane’s arm into an armbar and locks in a crossface! Kane gets to the ropes and HBK has to break the hold. Kane grabs for a chokeslam, but HBK rolls through and locks on an ankle lock! HBK wraps his whole body into the hold, but Kane gets to the ropes. Inverted atomic drop and HBK hits chops then a flying forearm. HBK nips up in a ‘vintage’ move. HBK climbs and flies hitting his famous elbow. HBK tunes up the band, but then the lights go out and GONG! Lights up and Taker’s there in the ring. Taker chokeslams HBK to the mat and then stands over him. GONG, lights go out. GONG, lights back up and Kane is there. Kane covers, but HBK kicks out! Kane is pissed! Kane pulls HBK up and over his shoulder, but HBK wiggles out and hits sweet chin music on Kane and pins for three.

– Winner: HBK

HBK is pumped up, still ready to go. He drops to his knees in the ring screaming at the top of his lungs. Video of HBK taking Kane out with sweet chin music. HBK points at the mat then gets back to his feet. The camera is on HBK in the ring with the big WM sign up over his head.

Video from two weeks ago when Josh asked Cena about Batista getting involved with Cena’s match against Vince. Cena said he guaranteed it. Of course Batista got involved and Vince won the match. It ended with Batista standing over a prone Cena in the ring.

– Commercial

King and Cole talk about WM celebrities as there’s five big guys behind them in Cena shirts. They go on to talk about the latest Inductee into the Celebrity Wing of the HOF – Bob Uecker! A video of Uecker’s antics, acting, commercials and work with the WWE. He was at WM3 and WM4. A famous promo with Andre we all remember so well. Dick Ebersol, the Chairman of NBC Universal Sports and Olympics, will be inducting Uecker into the WWE HOF. King and Cole then run through the rest of the matches slated for WM26.

Christian backstage with Rose talking about how Kane was taken down. They talk about the Giants and get huge heat. Rose opens his office door to Kane’s music and red lights. Kane grabs him and says it’s not over, don’t bet on it. The door closes and Christian stands there as much thumping and screaming happens behind the door.

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WWE Slam Of The Week – Maryse defeated Kelly last week and continued to beat her down. Kim and Eve took Maryse out, but then Layla and Michelle McCool came out to take the faces apart. Vicki was on stage watching it all with a big grin.

Beth in blue, Gail Kim in black and Eve in silver in the ring. Outside, but in their corner is Kelly and Mickie. Kelly in black tank and denim short shorts, Mickie in a white sleeveless and black skinny jeans. Maryse came out in bronze, Fox in black and gold, Layla in black with silver studs and Michelle in a sickly green. Vicki also in black. King and Cole talk about a necklace Vicki is wearing or did wear that said something about cougars!

Michelle and Kim start off. Kim worked her over well and hit great head scissors then slammed into Michelle in a corner hard. Kim covered for two. Layla screaming from the corner took a cheap shot from Kim who then went and took Michelle down hard, but Michelle countered for two. Michelle then planted Kim hard, in a very AJ Styles looking move, for three.

– Winners: Michelle McCool, Layla & Maryse

Beth and Eve in to check on Kim who was still on the mat.

Video from a WM Rewind Match from last week where Cena faced off with Big Show. Cena was in control until Batista came out and distracted Cena. Big Show knocked out Cena with one punch and it was over. Batista slid in and said a few words to Cena before sliding out again.

Backstage Batista heads for the ring with a slew of security in tow.

– Commercial

Promo for next week’s Special Guest Hosts, the cast of Hot Tub Time Machine. (Yay, I’m so thrilled!)

Justin announces Batista. Batista comes out in a white wife beater, distressed light blue jeans, boots, sunglasses and his strap over his left shoulder. All of his security still following behind him. Huge heat when his music goes off. He tells them to boo hi, say hello to the bad guy. Boo him all they want. There’s something you people will have to get used to, he’s the WWE Champion and Cena will lose at WM. Because Cena can’t beat him. Cena’s never beaten him and can’t beat him, get used to it. He’s said it before and will say it again and again and again until we get it through our skulls. When he’s in the ring with Cena bad things happen to Cena, over and over again, end of story. “Cena” chants. He gets it, everyone loves Cena. They love him because he runs his mouth and gives them lip service. ‘You can’t see me’ ‘Want some, come gets some’. And the fans hate him because he speaks the truth. They all mean nothing to him. He’s there to win titles, make money. When he looks at them he doesn’t see fans, or even people, he sees money, dollar signs, dollar signs. And some people he see big dollar signs as they’re really fat and had to buy two seats. He gets it, they hate him for his honesty. But they all pay to see him. More huge heat! He appreciates all the money. They pay to see him because he’s special. They pay to see greatness that they will never be. So thank you very much. “Cena” chants grow louder and louder. He says Cena will disappoint us at WM, again. That’s all he has to say. He knows they want Cena to come out and run his mouth, give them false home. He calls out Cena. Cena’s music hits and the fans go wild. Cena comes out looking rather pissed off. Cena climbs the steps and goes into the ring with Batista and all his security. Security fans out in front of Batista. Cena looks like a beaten little boy, just stares. He says he’s already disappointed these people, let them down. That was the second Batista became WWE Champion. “You can‘t wrestle” chants from quite a lot of (not just male) fans and Cena’s head hangs even lower. Cena says he’s lost confidence in himself and the fans have lost confidence in him. He let Batista win the title and every week he comes out and tells everybody how bad Cena is and how great Batista is. Every week he tries to stop Batista and failed. Cena looks about to cry. He didn’t see it coming or expect it from Batista. Now that it’s happened, he doesn’t know if he can stop it. He’s been in a lot of bad spots in his career, but always given people a chance to believe. I guess because no matter how bad, he always believed in himself in the fight. After all that’s happened he doesn’t know if all the fighting in the world will even give him a chance. Batista laughs and says Cena’s admits it, he’s already beaten. He’s just like all the fans, he’s a common loser! Cena smirks, but keeps his head down. Cena says that of all the crap that’s come out of his mouth in the past weeks, that’s the first thing that makes sense. Batista asks if it’s that Cena’s a loser? Cena shakes his head and says no, that he’s just like everyone of these people and we’re all sick and tired of Batista’s garbage. They all realize how foolish he looks and sounds putting himself above everyone else. Who the hell does he think he is? Cena knows who he thinks he is. He actually thinks he’s the Animal. Paid a whole lot of money to take people out. Cena’s proof positive that Batista’s not good at his job, he should be fired. Batista says he’s not good at his job? Really? Cena’s been on his back, obviously he’s really good at his job. Cena says if he was good at his job he wouldn’t be surrounded by security. Cheers from the fans. Batista’s pissed. Cena says if he was good at his job Cena wouldn’t be standing there at all. Cena says he must admit he had Cena shook up, but he took the glasses off. Looking in his eyes now he doesn’t see an Animal, he see Dave Batista and Dave Batista can be beaten. Cena takes off his hat and throws it off as Batista seethes. More cheers. Dave Batista needs to know at WM, Cena’s taking back the WWE Championship. If Batista’s not going to make a move, he’s done talking. Cena throws the mic down. Batista starts screaming at Cena to not turn his back on Batista, that Cena can’t beat him and Cena knows it. Off comes Cena’s shirt and into the crowd it goes. Cena’ nothing, a paper Champion, he’s nothing. Cena attacks Batista. Security grabs Cena, but he breaks away and goes after Batista again. They hold Cena as Batista attacks. Cena gets free and tackles Batista. Batista held outside and Cena clears the ring of security. Batista stomps up the ramp and leaves. Cena is left in the ring with a couple of zebras and a suit.

Biggest pop
Bret Hart

Biggest heat