Reason Why Jim Johnston’s Gone, New Network Show, Recent Call Ups

Fans were heartbroken to learn that legendary music composer for WWE Jim Johnston had been released this week. Johnston had been working for WWE for over thirty years, and he is responsible for some of the most recognizable entrance themes in wrestling history. He has written the theme music for Steve Austin, The Rock, and dozens of other wrestlers. So what went wrong? According to F4WOnline, his contract with the promotion expired recently, and WWE simply opted not to renew his deal. The report mentions that Johnston had absolutely no intention of leaving the promotion at all, so his departure was by no means a mutual decision.
WWE has been working on adding some new content to the WWE Network as of late. The company recently premiered a new documentary series titled WWE 365. Also, new episodes of Table for 3 have been airing on the network. It looks like another new show is set to debut on the network very soon as well, and this one will feature Raw and Smackdown commentator Corey Graves. WWE has shared a brief clip on their website previewing ‘Straight to the Source with Corey Graves’, an interview-based show featuring Graves chatting with WWE Superstars and discussing what is going on in their careers. Check out the preview for the news series here.
ESPN spoke with all of the women who were called up to WWE’s main roster recently. Ruby Riott revealed that she doubted she would ever make it to WWE. “For a long time before I got signed, I didn’t feel like a girl like me would ever be able to work for the WWE because I look so different,” Riott said. “Then I got to the Performance Center and then I still kind of had that feeling. [But then] I debuted for NXT about two months after I got there, and ever since, I’ve been involved in matches with some of the most incredible women I’ve ever stepped foot in the ring with.”

Mandy Rose discussed her promotion by stating: “I received the email that I’d be going to Raw and SmackDown, which was really exciting news, but I had to change all of the travel stuff. Was this going to be me just kind of showing my face, or just maybe… I really didn’t know what to think. I thought about all different scenarios.”
 Sonya Deville discussed how she found out about her promotion when she said, “Come Monday, around 3:00, 3:30, I found out what I was doing. I think I’m still in disbelief. I don’t know if it’s really set in yet.”
Sarah Logan was equally shocked. “That was the moment in my life I always worked for. When it’s there, you start questioning if you’re ready to make that step. Are you ready to have your life change forever? When you’re out there and the lights are on you, you have to feel at home. I felt like that was where I was supposed to be.” Logan said.
Finally, Liv Morgan was giddy when discussing her story. Morgan said, “I didn’t expect it at all. I was completely surprised and, of course, I’m so emotional and such a baby. I started crying. I grew up a little poor girl from New Jersey. I shouldn’t be here, but somehow, in this universe, I made it here in the WWE.”

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