Reason Why Lana Will be Receving a Mega Push Going Forward

Lana returned to Smackdown recently and shocked quite a few fans when the champion Naomi actually challenged her to a match at Money in the Bank, this is after Lana’s request to face Naomi was denied earlier in the show. Despite losing the match, she will almost certainly be getting a run with the title in the future. Why is the rush so sudden? Lana is going to be portrayed as one of the top female superstars in all of WWE in the next few months. If all goes to plan, “The Ravishing Russian” will be the one carrying the entire division over on Smackdown, if not the entire company.
Dave Meltzer reported that WWE has not been obsessed with Lana per se, but rather the idea of having an attractive woman represent the women’s division. The company likes Lana for her looks, and will be featuring her heavily just for that very reason. WWE has been trying to get this plan going for a while now. Eva Marie was originally pegged for that role, but her inexperience ultimately cost her that chance. Emma was also considered, hence where the Emmalina gimmick came from, but management decided she didn’t fit the role. Lana is now believed by management to be the most attractive female on either roster, and that is something that the company definitely wants make clear as they put her image on posters and images going forward.
Let’s face it, WWE has always been a very cosmetic business. Tall men with big muscles are far more likely to be featured on television than a small, skinny wrestler. As for the women, Vince and co. believe that a female with good looks is more likely to succeed than any other woman out there. Lana has been a favorite of WWE management before, but she lost some of that once she ruined a storyline by revealing that she and Rusev were engaged, this is because they were not in a relationship on television. Now that Lana is back in the organization’s good graces, it is only a matter of time before she wins the title and becomes the next big female star on either show.