Ric Flair Update: He Did Give Notice, Storyline Proposed

Source: Steve Gerweck

Last week it was reported that Ric Flair was the latest WWE superstar to quit WWE. This past weekend, Flair was on Charlotte radio show “Prime Time with The Packman” and denied that he was gone from WWE. Did Flair quit WWE or not?

Ric Flair did give his notice to WWE on or around 8/20.

As you may have guessed, Flair was upset because he’s being underutilized. Several months ago, Flair was promised a storyline where he would chase the world title for one final run. It was actually Stone Cold Steve Austin who came up with the idea to have Flair do a “Rocky Balboa” storyline, where the over-the-hill legend made one final run at greatness.

Austin pitched the plan to Vince & Stephanie McMahon and they loved. it. Flair was obviously on board when he heard about it. Flair was not promised that he’d win the title, but was told he may get the gold if the storyline caught on.

For whatever reason, WWE never followed through with the angle. Flair gave his notice to WWE as a wake up call that he doesn’t want to be misused at this point in his career.

At this time, he is still under contract and still getting paid by WWE. Most people within WWE expect Flair to return to the company.

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