Rikishi On The Way To TNA?, Kazarian Getting Push, LAX & Team 3D Double Turn

sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, www.f4wonline.com

— TNA has talked with Rikishi about reforming two thirds of the former WWE tag team Too Cool. He would be paired in a tag team with Brian Christopher. No other details have been disclosed yet. Former Too Cool member Scotty 2 Hotty is also a free agent. He lives in Orlando, and going to theme parks is his favorite hobby. However, his name hasn’t been brought up as far as I can tell. Christopher’s name was specifically mentioned to be paired up with Rikishi.

— Frankie “Kaz” Kazarian is in for something of a face push.

— Whether or not it comes off that way on television, the plan as of the PPV was for LAX to turn babyface and Team 3D to go full-on heel.

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