Slick Talks Racism, Run In WWE, Real Life/Character, Hulk Hogan, Akeem, More

Show: The Interactive Interview courtesy of
Guest: “Dr. of Style” Slick
Date: 10/19/08
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley, James Walsh, & Nick Noel
Transcript By: Patrick Kelley

We all remember and love the Slickster… From the Jive Soul Bro music video to the bombastic character that was so easy to hate and the character that came full circle with Kamala. However, many may not realize that the man behind the Slick character is an interesting one in and of itself. We hope this interview sheds some light on that.

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– The Slickster comes into the Epicenter. The Dr. of Style has been working on his ministry since leaving wrestling in 1993. He was doing this while he was in wrestling, but focused more on it once he left.

– They made Slick a minister character towards the end of his run after Vince and various WWF officials sat in on one of his services, and they thought it’d be good if they ma de him a minister on TV. He says that he was better at being a bad guy.

– He liked appearing at Wrestlemania 23, and said it came about because it was the 20th anniversary of the biggest show ever in Wrestlemania III, so it was kind of a reunion. He said it was great to see so many people that he hadn’t seen in years.

– When asked about the changes in wrestling, he says that its all show biz, and it really isn’t all that different.

– He has no idea who wrote the song “Jive Soul Bro” but he was given the sheet and learned the song, and filmed the video. When asked if he felt the video was a little racist, he says that Vince is not racist, but based it on what he knew through stereotypes.

– The Slick character was his idea, and Col. Buck Robley gave him the name. (He used to be named Silky Slim)

– He felt that making it through the territories before going into the big leagues in the WWF really helped him out. Nowadays, he feels that the product aims more for entertainment rather than wrestling, and the need for training isn’t as great. He hasn’t really watched the show lately.

– When asked about the current state of managers, he feels that they were a great asset to the business. The girl managers were tried, but Slick still feels that managers can offer a lot.

– During the Word Associations, Slick talks about the fiasco fan fest that took place in California. He says20that “if you don’t have a nice thing to say, don’t say anything at all” and we share a quick laugh about the story involving Roddy Piper.

– The Akeem character was Slick’s idea and they had fun with it, and felt that the character could have been a big babyface.

– When asked about the way the media presented the Benoit Tragedy, he says it was very negative. He says he doesn’t condone the actions of the media, he says he understands why they do it because that’s how they make a living. Slick, James, and Patrick discuss the media in today’s world and all seem to agree the best way to put it is “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story”.

– He mentions that some guys would hurt him because he was tall, but skinny. He says now he weights about 300lbs, and he met with Valentine a few weeks before the interview and The Hammer joked that they could be tag team partners now. He was told that part of the reason he wasn’t brought back was because he was too tall, but feels that part of the reason was because he felt Jay Strongbow & Blackjack Lanza didn’t like him

– Slick says Hulk Hogan is and forever will be the “man” in pro wrestling. Slick says whenever Hulk Hogan was on the card, the guys knew it would be a sold out crowd. He goes on to say that a lot of people don’t know this but without Hulk Hogan, there would have never been a “Doctor of Style” Slick in=2 0the WWE. It was Hogan who went to bat for Slick when watching tapes to see who to bring in and Slick says he never forgot what Hulk Hogan did for him and Hulk Hogan never forgot it either.

– When talking about the Hulkster these days, Slick says he hasn’t spoken to him since the Memphis show last year when Hulk Hogan battled Big Show. But, he says when he looks in Hulk’s eyes on TV now, he can tell something is missing. He doesn’t think the media is treating Hulk Hogan fairly and he feels sorry for Hulk for having to go through this.

– The interview picks up with the word associations. He tells a lot of great stories about a lot of the people that he was associated with during his career in professional wrestling. Listen to Slick’s opinions on names like Butch Reed, Sid Vicious, Paul Roma, Hercules, Warlord, Big Bossman, One Man Gang, Ricky Steamboat, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Elizabeth, & Vince McMahon.