*Spoilers* ROH PPV Taping Results From Chicago, Illinois

The following results are courtesy of IAmSpid3rMan8186 and the ROH Discussion Forums:

Ring Of Honor “Rising Above” PPV Taping Results – 11/22/08
Chicago Ridge, Illinois


The entrance has been moved from the corner to the side and is much shorter.

Return Date is Jan. 31st 2009!!!!

Match #1-

Phoenix Twins DEF. Grizzly Redwood & Aaron Scott

Really good solid in ring work. Grizzly has a great 3 Stooges spot that the crowd popped huge for. Twins win with a great Oklahoma Roll into a German and when Scott stood up he took a double Super Kick while Grizzly was on the outside.

Very hot crowd so far. Very big crowd compared to the regular shows. Will get an official number from Cary at Intermission. Looks to be about 1000 solid if not more!!!!!

Pre show is over….time for the…..


Briscoes come out to start and cut a promo on Steenerico. Briscoes Vs. Steen & Generico – ROH World Tag Team Titles on NOW!!!!!!!!

1.) Steen and Generico DEF. Briscoe Brothers
Steen and Generico retain after Steen nails the Package Piledriver.Very solid match. Great Double teams by the Briscoes and crowd was super into Generico. They brawled following the match and the Briscoes spilled some Blood. Grizzly out to break up the brawl.
Time of match: 6:05

2.) MsChif retains DEF. Sara Del Ray w/Larry Sweeney in 9:30 to remain Shimmer Champion!
Sickest Boston Crab ever by Sara and MsChif wins with a DDT Variation. Crowd was split between the two in what was said to be a stiff and excellent match!

3.) Delirious DEF. Rhett Titus in 6:33 with a Shadows over Hell. After some brawling and thrusting we got some cock grabs by Delirious. Yes, cock grab. After the match Delirious breaks the Top of the Class Trophy on Titus followed by a Panic Attack with the Trophy.

The return in Jan. will be another PPV Taping!!!!!

4.) Claudio Castagnoli DEF. Sami Callahan, Silas Young and Alex Payne in 8:54 after a Ricolla Bomb on Sugarfoot. Sugarfoot was big time over. Sami was big time over also getting alot of chants. Claudio tried to use the chair on Sugarfoot but Danielson ran out and took it away from him for the save and a huge “NEXT WORLD CHAMP” Chant. Danielson celebrates with Sugarfoot.

Estimate from Cary is now around 1,500!!!!

5.) Brent Albright, Roderick Strong & ACE STEEL!!! Vs. Chris Hero, Go Shiozaki & Davey Richards w/ Larry Sweeney

SnS wins in 16:06 after Sweeney distracts Sinclair while Hero hits Strong with a chair and puts Davey on top of him to get the win. Ace gets some deserved Welcome Back chants! Ace looks good out there and hasn’t lost a step. Davey is explosive with everything he does. Loud Hero Sucks and F*ck You Hero chants! Dempsey is also getting loud chants. SnS in control til Strong got in there and tore it up! Dunkin Donuts chants to Sinclair.

6.) Aries Vs. Jacobs
Aries says he has no second….for now. Austin Aries wins in 22:13 after LACEY returns and is about throw in the towel for Aries after Jacobs won’t stop biting at Aries’ bloody head. Lacey slaps Jimmy. Crowd is chanting DIE JIMMY DIE!These two are giving it everything in this awesome brawl. Microphone shots to Jimmys head.Singlehanded bulldog from the top rope to the outside and through a table by both men!! Tyler then tries to throw in the towel and Lacey stops him. Jimmy then quits after Aries has him in a crossface and is stabbing him with the Spike! Sick spot with a spear by Jimmy to Aries through the middle rope and off the apron and onto a steel chair ont he outside!!! Lots of brawling in the crowd and on the outside and lots of blood here. Tyler helping out Jimmy and gets booed big time from the crowd for it. Sick brawl of a match. After the match Jimmy is pissed at Tyler and he leaves Jimmy in the ring with Aries. Staredown and both end up shaking hands. (JUST KIDDING ABOUT THAT LAST SENTENCE!)

*Sorry about delays but the board is lagging as always on show night.

7.) Nigel McGuinness Vs. Bryan Danielson
Handshake and the bell…..some great chain wrestling to start. just what you expect from these two. Dueling chants. Danielson works Nigels arm. They steal eachothers moves for heat and pops. Nigel does a figure four to get a Wooooo from the crowd. More updates as I get them. Back and forth match. Soccer kicks to the back of Nigel after some strikes. Sinclair gets involved and Danielson gets clipped. Danielson on the ropes, falls, Sinclair pushes him back up and he eats a lariat! Nigel to the outside and Danielson then does his Springboard Front flip in the aisle. Claudio then comes out and nails Dragon with a chair. Sinclair starts to count and out comes Sugarfoot who drags Dragon back into the ring for a huge pop!Defeaning atmosphere and tons of pinfalls. CATTLE MUTILATION! Epic match as they are both kicking out of everything! Danielson ducks a lariat only to then be hit by a Rebound Lariat for the win!


8.) Samoa Joe DEF. Tyler Black in 18:56.
Massive pop for Joe as expected. Joe is in perfect form here as they trade blows and get this one off hot! Tyler goes for his middle rope body press and Joe just walks out of the way. Joe does tope to the outside and then says to the Referee “what are you doing counting!? This is ROH!” Joe hits his Ole kick to break the count. From my report I have this being said it just may be the second version of Joe Vs. Kobashi. ISLAND DRIVER for a 1 count kickout which drove the crowd wild! Tyler goes for his Phoenix Splash and misses and Joe then goes for his top rope Musclebuster but misses. STJOE followed by the Musclebuster and the Choke and you can put this one in the books!

Joe ends the show with a heart felt promo and puts over ROH and the boys in the back. F*ck TNA chants throughout the promo as well.