Stephanie McMahon Recalls the Birth of WWE ‘Women’s Evolution’, What Percentage of WWE Viewers Are Women?

WWE Executive and Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon recently spoke with BBC to discuss how social media has reshaped the company, and the women’s movement in the company which has grown into the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match taking place later this month.

On the subject of the ‘Women’s Evolution” in WWE, Stephanie had the following to say:

“What has started in WWE is actually called the ‘women’s evolution’, and it started because of a hashtag,” she explains.

“Our fans were calling for more enhanced storylines, better character development, more athleticism in matches,” Ms McMahon recalls. “Our women are now going to be called Superstars, same as the men.”

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Stephanie also addressed the success of the women’s evolution in WWE, and noted that the diversification of their fanbase has been rewarding as nearly 40% of all WWE viewers are now women.

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