Sting Addresses Rumors He Is Retiring This Year

TNA star Sting, who joined Twitter last week, was asked by his followers if he is really planning on retiring in 2012. Sting channeled Mark Twain for his response:

“Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.”

Just last week, TNA President Dixie Carter told the UK’s Daily Star magazine the following about Sting looking to retire this year:

“In his mind, I think this is his last year as far as the wrestling is concerned. When we booked this, that’s the way he was talking about it – ‘I haven’t played there in a decade, and before I retire I need to come back there and wrestle.’ Based on where he’s at and what he’s saying, barring something extraordinary this is the last time.”

“And for me it’s great to be able to bring him back there. He’s spent such a big part of his career helping to build our company, I’m very proud we can bring him over. It feels very final. It’s going to be an emotional night.”

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