The Rajah Debates – Round 1 – The Doc vs. Kdestiny

Welcome, one and all, to the glorious debut of the Rajah Debates! For years, the best and brightest minds of the Rajah forum have done battle with words about a myriad of fascinating topics from the wrestling world, seeking to answer the questions that plague the wrestling community. Is John Cena actually a good wrestler? What’s the greatest wrestling show of all time? Is anyone as good as Bobby Lashley? (No.) But for the first time ever, we’re bringing the debates to you and letting you guys act as judge, jury and executioner.

The way this works is simple. Each match will involve a maximum of 3 350 word posts from each participant going in order. At the end, you guys and our panel of judges will vote to see you moves on to the next round to get one step closer to Rajah immortality. Over the course of the next month you’ll grow to know and root for these brilliant weirdos until we eventually crown a grand champion.

Sound good? I thought so! So let’s jump right in!


Now, two new combatants will enter the circle of debate from which only one can proceed. And here is the topic that they will do battle over:

We stand at the dawn of a new era in wrestling. As WWE, TNA and other promotions attempt to cling to the old guard, the Undertakers, Kurt Angles and Stings of the world are falling apart before our very eyes. Many promotions have already dedicated themselves to a youth movement that has paid major dividends, and it’s inevitable that the major promotions will eventually have to look within their own ranks for new people to carry the load. So with that in mind….

The coin toss dictates that THE DOC will go first.


The Doc

Roman Reigns is the only real choice for who should be the next wrestler who’s never held a world title to do so. There simply isn’t anybody else who’s got the total package quite like this man and hasn’t made it to the mountain top yet.

I don’t think anybody would argue that he deserves to hold a world title. He’s a Royal Rumble winner, a fairly exclusive club filled to the brim with legends like Hogan, Austin, HBK and Bret Hart. We’re talking a club willed with champions, Hall of Famers and legends. That in addition to his Slammy, main eventing Wrestlemania against The Beast incarnate. A monster only used on Cena, HHH and the Undertaker.

I won’t tell you how this man looks other than to tell you a simple fact. If you were to go into a lab and design the perfect warrior. The man that every man looks at with envy and every woman wants to crawl through her television and . . .wrestle. . .he’d look like this.

Now let’s talk long term for a moment. If you stop and think for a moment one of the things that best defines a hero is who they fight. This is true whether your talking Batman vs the Joker, Peter Pan vs Captain Hook or the Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin. Roman Reigns already has a rival in Seth Rollins, a man who can be his Rock always right there to push him up to bigger and better things.

Now lets talk about the short term. In the short term Roman Reigns is on fire. The spotlight has been on him since he walked through the doors as a member of the Shield. He’s been a constant presense and not just some guy they don’t have the heart to fire or someone who might one day develop into someone who could main event Wrestlemania. He’s already done that. Now all he needs is his name etched into the history books.



To me there is only one real answer to this question.

When you look at superstars in the WWE, there are many that you could name who could fit as an answer to this question.

The question you may be posing to me is “Why Dean Ambrose?”

For those of you who don’t have eyes or ears, let me go ahead and explain this for you.

Dean Ambrose has been a star in the making ever since he came into the WWE. He had a feud with Mick Foley set up until that was derailed by Mick’s health issues. He was then brought in with one of the top trios of all time in the Shield.

Though it’s what he did after their split that makes him stand out. He had the feud of the year with Seth Rollins and had several great matches. He even had that go into this year and was getting some of the best reactions of any superstar in the company. Even with the lackluster feud with Wyatt in the end of last year (I still enjoyed it) and the messy build in the Intercontinental Title Ladder match at Wrestlemania he still proved to be someone who was willing to put himself through hell in order to show he was the best, similar to Foley (I am sure you remember the ladder bump.)

He is one of the best on the microphone in the company and as we continue on in this debate I will only solidify the fact that Dean Ambrose deserves to be a top guy, and Dean Ambrose deserves to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Looking good Dean!


The Doc

Roman Reigns is the future. The man is the total package, a genetic freak born to dominate in the squared circle and beyond. Beyond is important. True stars are expected to have the ability to perform outside of the ring. A lot of this is mike work and cutting promos and Dean does impress. That’s not where it ends though. That’s where it begins.

The WWE Champion needs to go on Good Morning America, Make a Wish Foundation, and even do cameos or even star in movies. Can you see Dean Ambrose in this picture?

Cus I can’t. Not without utterly breaking character. Look again at those greats from yesteryear. Austin, Hulk Hogan and The Rock. Now not everybody can be The Rock. Roman can do it. It’s quite literally in his blood. Dean though, well honestly look at him. You know you can’t picture him standing standing with the X-Men or even the Fantastic Four. I don’t have to squint to see this man saving us all from Thanos.

On the subject of Dean Ambrose and Mick Foley that’s an apt comparison. The man is a homicidal, suicidal, genocidal stuntman. He will be champion someday, like Foley. Like Foley that’s not why he’ll be remembered. He won’t carry the company. He doesn’t have the cross over appeal. What he’ll do is make legends. Being the champ would just get in the way. Of all the matches and feuds and stories you remember about Mick, how many were about the belt? How many were about being thrown off a cage through a flaming table covered in thumb tacks? That’s Dean’s future. It’s bright, but not as the next man to add his name to the list of World Champions because that’s not who he is.

Roman Reigns on the other hand is one hundred percent thoroughbred World Champion material. You want him to be associated with the championship belt. You want his face on boxes of Wheaties and his name on Hollywood Films. You want the entire WWE Universe to revolve around one man. Roman Reigns.




Sorry, couldn’t hear you over the crowd booing the shit out of Roman after even the Rock came to try and help him out in the last half of this video.

You can say Reigns has it in his blood or in his genes all you want. He had a chance because the higher ups wanted him to have the chance.

The crowd rejected him, and that is why he isn’t the correct answer.

Can I see Dean Ambrose with stars of yesteryear? Could he be the guy to give a Make-a-Wish? Absolutely, I am not sure he would be breaking character in doing so. Hell, Dean even made a Lumberjack match entertaining!

You talk of how you want Reigns to be a cross over superstar and I get it, he has the family to be able to do so, Rock will help him out. You do realize the last superstar who dove more into acting right? The Miz? How is that going for him? I haven’t seen him on TV of late.

Dean has had the crowd in the palm of his hand for a while now. They react to him. This debate is also a company pushed guy vs. a crowd pushed guy. While Roman has been doing better of late, you do realize that he has Dean on his side to help him out? The audience will always win. (Remember D-Bry?) They want Dean to rise to the top and kick down the wall and be the champ, they don’t want Reigns to do so.

While Reigns has improved himself, but only Dean Ambrose is a star. He is a great in ring psychologist and is better on the mic (and in the ring) now than Reigns will ever be. Reigns may be physically gifted, I am not sure he is the superstar to be the newest World Champion. That belongs to Dean Ambrose. Roman had his failed push, now it’s time to give the crowd what they really want.

Also, crossover appeal? You do realize Dean made it into a movie before Roman right? A WWE film too… huh… weird…


The Doc

This is simple. You’re not sure if Dean could stay in character while granting a Wish. I’m sure he couldn’t. When the John Cena goes he can tell a kid ‘Never Give Up’, when Hogan goes he can tell them ‘Eat your Vitamins and Say your Prayers’, when Roman shows up he can tell them ‘You can, you will.’ Dean is going to tell them . . .how to be the master of titties? Nah, he’s gonna show up as the guy who plays Dean Ambrose on television.

It would be difficult to argue that Roman hasn’t gotten a large push because of his bloodline. The main difference between him and the rest of his family is that Roman brought his brothers up with him. Now we’ve got Seth Rollins as champion and a built in rival. Dean Ambrose as an ideal on again off again friend and foe. During the Attitude Era we had a very similar trifecta with Rock, Hunter and Mankind. Mankind was an important part of that loop just as Dean will be a vital part of this one. What he won’t be is the center piece.

I’m not here to tear down Dean. He’s a talented mike worker and a quality in ring performer. Neither of them are his problem though. It’s his character. Dean is cut from that same mold as Mick Foley. He’ll be the guy who takes a face full of thumb tacks to prove that someone else is hardcore enough to hang with him. That’s not a knock. The world needs Mankinds and Undertakers. They just never get to be that guy whose name is synonymous with the business.

That’s the beauty of Dean. For as long as his body holds out he’ll make people. That’s what guys like him do. Guys like Dean Ambrose hold the business up and make people great but they lack that ‘x’ factor that lets you be the center of the universe. It’s not something you can learn or practice. It’s something that you simple are. Roman Reigns has that X Factor. He’s next.



Dean Ambrose is the titty master on television? I must’ve missed that.

The fact that you are comparing Roman Reigns to the Rock is laughable. He is athletic yes, but Roman is not nearly as charismatic as the Rock and he never will be. If the WWE were smart they would’ve made him something of his own after the Shield split. Yet he can’t get away from that since he is still using the same music as well as basically the same ring gear. He needs direction.

I can’t see Roman Reigns getting the World Championship until he makes himself into something that is his own. Dean has broken off and has become a lunatic, he has evolved himself. Meanwhile, Roman has been in a loop trying to find his identity, and those silly promos did not help.

There has been comparisons made between Dean and Mick (I made it as well), and while true, another couple of comparisons that hold true is one to Roddy Piper, another person who should’ve been a champion or, dare I say it, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Can’t you see Dean coming to a Make-a-Wish child and cutting a promo about how many wars he has been in, but this kid is in the most important war and that he will win the war with Dean in his corner? Come on, that’s gold!

Talk about this so called X Factor. Look at one of the others pushed by the company… You remember Kozlov right? Beat the Undertaker clean and was going to be a top heel, then he became a stooge with Santino. I don’t think Roman will go down that path, but he needs to find an identity of his own instead of being Shield 2.0 to stay relevant.

Until he finds that identity, he can’t be World Champion. The title doesn’t make the man, the man makes the title.

Dean Ambrose would make the title because he is scrappy and he is a fighter and is someone that the entirety of the WWE Universe would look up to. It’s the Champion WWE needs.

Believe that.



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