The Top Ads For 2019 In Canada, According To YouTube

Nothing sells like a celebrity. 

After all, big brands wouldn’t be spending millions of dollars recruiting stars for advertisements if it didn’t bear fruit financially.

YouTube’s top 10 ads that Canadians chose to watch this year appear to back that up. From sports legends to pop stars, the most popular spots on the Google-owned streaming site were dominated by big names. 

And it doesn’t even matter how long the ad was.  

“No matter the length, Canadians will watch a great ad,” YouTube said.

Canadians love ads, as we saw in February when the best ones from the Super Bowl were featured. At that time, Pepsi and Burger King dominated the small screen with creative spots aimed at keeping viewers glued to their TV sets.

Oh, the power of marketing!

From inspirational women in sports to the ASMR craze that has exploded in recent years, advertisers are using video to get their message out to the masses.

Here are the top 10 that Canadians chose to watch on YouTube in 2019: 

1. Nike

This ad will hit you right in the feels. Tennis champion Serena Williams lends her voice to the “Dream Crazier” spot that features the U.S. women’s soccer team, WNBA star Sue Bird, U.S. olympic gymnast Simone Biles and other famous women in sports. The ad goes over the challenges of being a female athlete in 2019. The result is a simple message that’s meant to inspire the next generation.


2. Heinz

Heinz says Ed Sheeran came to them with the idea for this ad. It features the British singer telling a story about how he had a fancy dinner at a “super posh” restaurant. When his food arrives, Sheeran pulls out a bottle of Heinz ketchup, leaving everyone in the restaurant aghast. Just like ketchup, this ad is sweet with just enough punch. 


3. Air Canada

Sandra Oh is representing all of Canada in this Air Canada spot. The former “Grey’s Anatomy” star is seen walking through an airport, where she has pleasant exchanges that could not be more Canadian. From saying “sorry” to handing out poutines, Oh says you don’t have to be Canadian to travel like one. 


4. Maple Leaf Foods

This ad proves that a little humour can have a big impact. Anyone with kids knows they can be picky eaters, and Maple Leaf Food nails that in this spot. “But they always eat what they love,” the voice in the ad says. Because who can say no to a hot dog?


5. Disney

This high-energy ad for Disney+ really packs a punch. In just 30 seconds, viewers see clips of popular movies and shows that are sure to bring nostalgia. The message is clear: If you love Disney content, you won’t want to miss this.  


6. Apple

The ad for Apple’s newest smartphone doesn’t need to say much to get its message across. The cool music and close-up shots of iPhone 11 speak volumes. If you know, you know. 


7. GO Transit

Here’s an epic ad that will change the way you look at buses. Looking to commute without the fuss of driving? Take the bus. It’s like the self-driving car, except it isn’t. 


8. WestJet

This Canadian airline ad is openly mocking the Fyre Festival flop, dubbed the greatest party that never happened, as told in a 2019 Netflix documentary. Party like a rock star at 35,000 feet with WestJet, and get your ticket before it’s too late! Just kidding, April fools!


9. Reese

Get your headphones on for this ad. Reese is bringing ASMR to the masses an 82-minute spot that features YouTubers whispering as they dive into Reese peanut butter cups. Hearing is believing for this one. 


10. Bell

This ad features some big names. Seth Rogen, Ellen DeGeneres, Anderson Cooper, Howie Mandel and Mike Babcock team up for a powerful message about mental health. “Join the conversation, let’s talk.”


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