TNA Talent Upset With Bobby Roode Not Winning At Bound For Glory

Fans who were expecting Bobby Roode to have his career-defining moment and win the TNA championship at Bound For Glory were not the only ones dumbfounded and upset after he came up short against Kurt Angle.

As we’ve been reporting this week, original plans called for Roode to win at Bound For Glory. Multiple TNA sources have confirmed to us that Roode was scheduled to win the title as late as Sunday afternoon, when Hulk Hogan reportedly convinced Dixie Carter that Bobby Roode was not ready yet.

As you can imagine, there is said to be a great deal of resentment in the TNA locker room regarding Hulk Hogan squashing Roode’s title win. There is a feeling among several of TNA’s originals that there’s no hope for them to reach their potential in TNA, and they’re wasting their prime years with a company that will never elevate them to the level of the former WWE & WCW stars in the company.

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