Tony Khan Reveals He Didn’t Want To Hit A Stunner After AEW Dynamite

Tony Khan recently responded to a fan on Twitter where he provided more information on his recent Stunner in a post-AEW Dynamite segment.

The AEW President revealed that he didn’t know he was going to be involved in that moment and stated that he didn’t actually want to hit the move.

However, Khan stated that he head fans calling for it and Shawn Spears himself was asking for the move to happen, so he felt he had to do it.

Dude, I had no idea that was happening. Cody called me out, I went to thank the crowd, Nick asked me if I wanted to do a stunner, I said no, then Spears was screaming my name and calling for it, then I heard people in the crowd calling for it, and at that point, I had no choice.

— Tony Khan (@TonyKhan) December 20, 2019

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