Triple H Conducting Takeover Media Call, Talks WWE 205 Live Being a “Work in Progress” and Recent Brand Changes

Triple H will be conducting an NXT Takeover New Orleans media conference call on Friday at 2pm EST, and will be on hand for the call, so be sure to join us tomorrow afternoon for live call coverage on the site.

In related news, Triple H recently appeared on the “In This Corner” podcast, and below is what The Game had to say, via CBS Sports, on the recent changes made to the WWE 205 Live brand in recent months.

“I think it’s a work in progress. I think we did the ‘Cruiserweight Classic’ and it was an excitement and an opportunity. We jumped on making it into its own show, but I don’t know if that was totally just kind of thought out in the right way or done in the right way. I think we made an attempt at it that.

“Vince will say a lot that the business is like flavors — chocolate and vanilla — and not everyone is going to agree on the flavors. So we went in the direction of a certain flavor. We gave them vanilla and people weren’t buying the flavor of vanilla, so we went back to chocolate and people are seeming to like that again.”

“The great thing about [WWE] is we can change them on a dime,” Levesque continued. “We can put it in a different direction, and if people don’t like something, just keep watching [because]we are probably going to get you there. We are probably going to get you to a place that works for everyone. That is the intent.

“I think 205 continues to be a work in progress. I’m excited about that opportunity for all of the athletes there because, for a lot of them, there was no road in front of them. There was no big path, and it was doing what they were doing but this opened up doors for them. Hopefully it will continue to grow, much like NXT has, much like the [United Kingdom efforts] will and all of that. I think there is tremendous opportunity and in some way we are just kind of nicking the surface of where we will be.”

You can listen to the entire show below:

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CBS Sports

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