Two "Attitude-Era" Stars Backstage At MSG; One Night Stand Bombs

sources:, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— D’Lo Brown is currently backstage at the Raw taping at MSG. No word if he’s working tonight’s show or simply visiting. He hasn’t been at a WWE show since his release from the company in 2003.

— Mick Foley is also backstage at Raw at MSG. He’ll probably be making an appearance at either the Raw taping or the SNME taping, but that notion hasn’t been 100% confirmed.

— WWE released the buyrate information for June’s One Night Stand pay-per-view. The show did 115,000 domestic buys and 185,000 overall — way down from last year’s 304,000 buys. This was the second lowest drawing PPV show for the company in North America since 1996 and probably one of the five lowest of all-time.

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