UFC President Dana White Calls Vince McMahon a "F*cking Animal"

Following this past weekend’s UFC event, President Dana White was asked about UFC’s Fight Night special going head-to-head with WWE RAW next Monday night.White claims that Vince McMahon is overreacting by bringing in Mike Tyson as the Guest Host of Raw and is a “fucking animal” when it comes to playing fair with his “competition.” White said:

“I mean we’re not trying to go against him. That night is the night Spike wanted the fight. Spike wanted the fight that night, so that’s the night they called for it and Vince goes into (expletive) war mode. He’s calling up (Mike) Tyson. He’s bringing this guy back and the Rock might come back. I love it. He’s a (expletive) animal. You’ve never heard me say we’re going to kick the (expletive) out of Monday Night Raw. You’ve never heard me say that.”

:I think we’re two totally different, pro wrestling is totally different than the UFC and mixed martial arts. And I respect this guy. I like Vince McMahon. I’ve had breakfast with him. He’s a good guy, but he is a (expletive) animal. I’m not trying to beat him on Monday night. I don’t think we would beat them. Those guys pull killer ratings. It’s been like the highest rated show on television forever. We’re just putting a fight on Monday night because Spike wants us to.”

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