Update On Video Of 'Jersey Shore,' Snooki Yelling In Point Beach

POINT PLEASANT BEACH – What happened after the big blow up on the “Jersey Shore” TV show that was captured on video – and prompted local officials this summer to try to do something about the cast filming in Point Pleasant Beach?

Apparently, it was portrayed on last week’s episode of the “Jersey Shore Family Vacation,” and it wasn’t pretty.

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Jenni “JWoww” Farley rode the Pendolo on the Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk after loading up on sushi and sangria following a night of drinking and arguing, according to The Asbury Park Press.

“I can’t breath and I start profusely sweating and now I’m fully regretting the (blanking) 400 pounds of sangria and sushi,” JWoww said in exchange featured on the Thursday, Oct. 31 episode before going to the restroom to throw up.

Here are scenes from the episode:

The episode was filmed on Aug. 7, according to The Press, one day after Snooki was caught video storming out and yelling. “Stop taking to me. I’m leaving … Leave me the — alone.”

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“This is why I didn’t want to do this —,” she continued, walking away from the house that The Asbury Park Press says is on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach. “I want to go home to my kids. That’s where I belong.”

The incident prompted Mayor Stephen Reid to later say the borough’s counsel and police chief planned to contact the show’s producers to let them know that Point Pleasant Beach has an ordinance saying you cannot film on public or private property without a permit.

The incident was captured on video by a neighbor, Frankie Adao of the UNnormalized podcast, who provided the clip to TMZ. Adao said on his YouTube channel that production ran after her, trying to calm her down.

TMZ says the cast eventually made up, and they’re later seen walking in front of the rest room at Jenkinson’s with cameras on them.

Here is the video – the fight is at 0:23 and the cast is seen at Jenkinson’s at 1:54 (viewer discretion advised for language):

Reid told Patch that 495 Productions, the producer of “Jersey Shore” and its spin-off “Jersey Shore Family Vacation,” did not notify the borough that they were filming in town.

Reid said the borough never would have given them a permit to film and the show is not welcome in Point Pleasant Beach. “If they are filming in the town, they have to get a permit for filming,” Reid said.

“Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” had recently picked Lavallette to film some of their latest escapades, Mayor Walter LaCicero confirmed to Patch. It was the third New Jersey town in a matter of weeks that was approached by the MTV show.

However reluctantly, Lavallette officials were ready to hear what the “Jersey Shore” crew was ready to do. “They sent a letter asking if they could film here,” LaCicero said. “We said we would need specifics about when and where.”

But the producers never got back, though LaCicero said there was little the town could do if the show wanted to film on private property. Public property, however, is a different story, and Lavallette didn’t appear to be ready to open its doors to the party-driven show.

“The reputation that the show has is not something we were interested in,” LaCicero said.

As far as he’s concerned, “It’s a dead issue.”

What the show was planing to do in Lavallette is not known. This summer, the Hamilton Township Committee voted to table a proposal from 495 Productions to film episodes of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” in the Mays Landing section of the town, according to The Press of Atlantic City.

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