Val Venis Talks About Pain Pill Abuse In WWE, His Own Withdrawl Experiences

As we reported earlier this month, former WWE superstar Val Venis (real name Sean Morley) has launched, a site which aims to spread awareness about the dangers of prescription pain medication abuse. Morley was interviewed by this week and had this to say about the following topics:

Prescription Pain Pill Abuse: “It’s an epidemic across America. I couldn’t stand by and not try to do anything so we decided to put a team together and we came up with where we’re looking into going to the universities, high schools, colleges, into corporations, small businesses, big businesses, sports teams and really push the message that these prescription drugs are not a game and they can not only ultimately destroy your life and your career, it can kill you.”

WWE’s Wellness Policy: “If your family doctor prescribes you pain meds, there’s not much legally WWE can do about it,” he said. “However, with the Wellness Program, they are monitoring the use of pain meds a lot tighter than they ever did before. So, I think it’s a much healthier environment but the truth be told, no matter what the WWE does, if someone has a desire to abuse pain meds, they’re going to do it regardless of what the Wellness Program states or not.”

His Experience Going Through Withdrawls: “I felt like ripping my skin right off my body. It was horrible. My body just started going through these horrendous withdrawals just from three months of clinical use. That surprised me and I was completely taken back that three months of clinical use could have your body addicted that quickly .. I want to say about a week into [the withdrawls], maybe a little less, the cravings for me to go back to my doctor and get a refill just so I could feel normal again were overwhelming. If it wasn’t for my wife basically keeping me on track and forcing me to power my way through it, I’m sure I would have gone back to the doctor to get another prescription in order to just feel normal again.”

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