Video: Trans Actor Indya Moore Attacks Trump Supporter over a 'Keep America Great' Sign

Indya Moore, a self-proclaimed “non-binary” actor and star of the FX show Pose, physically attacked a supporter of President Donald Trump in New York because he was holding a “Make America Great Again” sign.

A video of the incident that was posted to Facebook by Trump activist Dion Cini shows the actor physically ripping the sign away from the Trump supporter.

The incident occurred last Friday, according to Cini, in Manhattan, New York, across the street from Trump Tower where he and several Trump supporters were rallying in support of the president.

In the video Indya Moore is seen wrenching the sign away from Cini’s hands and trying to walk away with it. Cini quickly grabs hold of the sign to prevent Moore from walking away with it.

Two other men then try to get between Moore and the Trump supporter but Moore reaches between them and tries to wrestle the red Trump hat off Cini’s head.

After a few seconds of scrambling, two New York Police Officers intervene and separate Moore from the sign allowing the Trump supporter to regain control of his property.

Cini told the Daily Mail that he would file a police report against the transgender actor. Cini also noted that he did not care that the actor was stomping on and kicking his sign because it is made of cloth and can’t really be ruined that way. But when Moore tried to walk off with the sign, Cini noted that he would not be “robbed” of his property.

“I let him continue to stomp on it. You can’t really hurt it, I’ve had other people kick it before,” Cini said of Moore’s attack. “I have no grievances with the actor. I just don’t want to be robbed when I’m executing my First Amendment rights.”

In a tweet the actor later deleted, Moore thanked supporters for fighting for transgenders, Yahoo reported.

“Thank you for loving my community, fighting for us, supporting us fight for ourselves and others who are experiencing an increase of oppression and violence under this current administration,” Moore tweeted on Monday before deleting it later that day.

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