WA Police Have 'Tactical' Snowball Fight With Kids: Video

DUVALL, WA – The video opens with three police vehicles speeding down a snow-covered road. The officers screech to a stop, jump out and line up behind a riot shield, as if on their way to confront a hostage crisis or raid a drug house.

The officers move forward, hunched down, looking ready for anything.

“We got a group of hostiles,” one officer says.

“No mercy, boys. No mercy!” another says.

And then it’s on. The group of hostiles — really a pack of local kids — begin to hurl snowballs at the officers. The cops return fire, but end up retreating (tactically) under the kids’ barrage.

Duvall police shared the video on Monday afternoon during the first snow day in Puget Sound in a very long time — one that they certainly did not let go to waste.

You can watch the video here:

Image via City of Duvall

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