Without Bold Agenda, Warn Progressives, A Clinton Presidency Won't Stand Chance

While the whole country appears to be on edge ahead of next week’s presidential election, the Left is “increasingly confident” that, should a Hillary Clinton presidency come to pass, the Democratic nominee won’t be able to turn her back on progressive campaign promises—as many argue President Barack Obama did—because she will need that grassroots support if she hopes to stay in office beyond four years.

“If she wants to be more than a one-term president, she’s going to have to work with the left. Period,” Murshed Zaheed, political director of CREDO, told The Hill for a new report published Thursday.

Speaking with progressive activists, The Hill reports that the Left is entering a post-election season “emboldened and empowered,” and ready to fight for implementation of the Democratic platform, said to be the most progressive in the party’s history.

And unlike Obama, a hypothetical President Clinton won’t be in a position to attempt a “‘post-partisan’ approach to seeking deals with Republicans.”

“We’re hoping that she will be smart enough to know that if she were to go that route…there’s going to be a political price to pay for it, because it will demoralize her base heading into 2018 and, honestly, it may even jeopardize 2020,” said Zaheed.

Ben Wikler, Washington director at MoveOn.org, predicted that the Democratic party is potentially moving “from an electoral storm into a governance storm.”

Clinton, Wikler told The Hill, “will find ‘tremendous grassroots support if she goes to the mat’ for her liberal campaign platform. And if she doesn’t, those same grassroots liberals are ’emboldened and empowered’ and ‘ready to hold her to account.'” 

And Clinton seems to be aware of this dynamic.