Woods On His Childhood Rivalry With Cody Rhodes, Friendship With Tyler Breeze

New Day member Xavier Woods recently appeared as a guest on Chris Jericho’s “Talk Is Jericho” podcast and spoke about his rivalry with Cody Rhodes as a kid, his friendship with Tyler Breeze and more. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On going to a rival school of Cody Rhodes and hoping Dusty Rhodes would discover him:

“I guess it was sophomore year, my whole thought was, ‘okay, first off, he’s at a rival school, so our schools legit hated each other in football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, everything. And so, I was 160 [pounds] at the time. I think he was wrestling at 180 [pounds], maybe. And my thought was, ‘okay, I’m going to wrestle up two weight classes and then I’m going to beat him and Dusty [Rhodes]’s is going to be there because Dusty would be at the matches and Dusty’s going to say, ‘oh, you’re the best! I’m going to train you and make you the best wrestler ever. And so, I beat four guys on my team to get the varsity spot that year. And then I beat three guys in the tournament to get to Cody. And then, we wrestled, he beat me 2 – 1 and I was real upset.”

On Cody making him look foolish in front of a girl he liked:

“And then months later, this girl who I had the biggest crush on, who lived in my neighborhood when we were kids, and she kind of dug me too, but I was too awkward to be like, ‘oh, you’re cute. Let’s make out’. So I see her at the bowling alley and she’s like, ‘oh, Austin!’ She runs up and [gives me a] big hug, like we haven’t seen each other in years, and she’s like, ‘oh, let me introduce you to my friends’ and I’m like, ‘oh, okay. Cool.’ We’re talking while we’re walking over there and she goes, ‘I go to Lassiter [High School] now, blah, blah, blah’ [and I’m] not thinking anything of it. She’s like, ‘this is them, this is them, this is them, this is them’ and then she goes, ‘oh, and that’s Cody’. He turns around and he looks and he goes, ‘ugh, I know him. I beat that kid.’ And then he picks up a bowling ball and bowls a strike. And it was the most d——d move I’ve ever seen in my life!”

On his friendship with Tyler Breeze:

“I used to live with, like, Tyler Breeze and Rick Victor when I lived in Florida. Yeah, Breeze is like one of my best friends in the business. [Rick Victor is Viktor] from The Ascension. Dude, I just gravitate towards Canadians.”

On being the video game champion in WWE and getting the promotional belt from a 2K Sports developer:

“It was like three months of back and forth and [2K] finally gave it to me and I was like the happiest kid in the world. It’s like on my wall in my home and it feels so good.” Woods continued, “as soon as I got to the main roster, I became champion and every year at ‘Mania, I take the belt home”.

On Neville being a bad trash-talker:

“Dude, [Neville] is the worst [trash talker] and he won’t come on my show to do it. Like, he’s so toned down on the show because I don’t think he wants people to know how crazy he is, but with closed doors, and he wins [a video game], he is the worst.”

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(Transcribed by William Windsor and WrestlingINC.com)