WWE 2005 Live Results (11/29/16) – Columbia, SC

Report by: Bryan Rose, f4wonline.com

Austin Aries is on commentary with Corey Graves and Mauro Ranallo. He made it known that eventually, he wants a title shot.

The entire cruiserweight roster were brought out for brief introductions: Rich Swann, TJ Perkins, Jack Gallagher, Ho Ho Lun, Bollywood Boyz, Noam Dar, Tony Nese, Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari, Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado, Akira Tozawa, Mustafa Ali, Gran Metalik and Brian Kendrick

We cut to a video highlighting the Bollywood Boyz, Harv and Gurv Sihra. It’s been a dream of theirs since kids to make it to the WWE. They want to represent their 95 year old grandfather who wanted to see them be WWE superstars.
The Bollywood Boyz defeated Drew Gulak & Tony Nese

Simple match that highlighted the Bollywood Boyz pretty well. Harv did a great crossbody to the floor, taking out Gulak. Gurv went to join the fray but Nese derailed him. Nese and Gulak ended up colliding into one another, leading the Bollywood Boyz to come back and pick up the win with a double superkick on Gulak for the win.

Gulak called them Bollywood Bozos after the match. Nese the mat was lumpy and the ring was greasy. We shouldn’t have to work under those conditions.

Noam Dar hype video. He doesn’t have a game plan on how to separate himself – he’s just going to do it. He just needs to be different. Even though he’s young, he’s been in the ring for nine years, so his age doesn’t equal inexperience. He sees the opportunity to not just be a superstar – but to become a supernova. He’s going to be a cool cat and knows what he need to do both in and out of the ring.

Tom Phillips interviews Brian Kendrick backstage. Kendrick says he is a gambling man and knows that Swann will come up short. Tom mentions how TJ Perkins is also in the mix, and what do you know, he shows up right at that moment. Perkins says he is still owed a rematch, but until then, all he can say is good luck.

Gran Metalik video package. He’s coming soon…even though he was already here at the start of the show…
Jack Gallagher defeated Ariya Daivari

Fine match highlighting Gallagher and his style, with him having the advantage early. The highlight was him wrapping up Daivari in a ball, and after teasing for a bit kicked him in the butt. Daivari took over but Gallagher came back, threw him in the corner and drilled him with a dropkick to score the win.

Lince Dorado video package is shown, talking about his style and how he can adapt. It doesn’t matter who is in the ring, they will know his name.

Rich Swann video package. He talks about his parents dying when he was young and how he was going down the wrong path until he entered wrestling. What separates him from the pack? His smile, his style, that is what sets him apart from others. He’s been all around the world and feels like he’s one of the best cruiserweights to step into the WWE. They show footage of him winning the number one contendership, saying that after everything he’s been put through, getting an opportunity like this was amazing. No matter what is put in your path, you can do it.
Rich Swann defeated Brian Kendrick to win the Cruiserweight title

Really good main event. It was very well worked, brought in some drama with Swann’s neck injury in the middle and the last few minutes were great.

Swann did a cool dive, running on top of the barricade and colliding with Kendrick after a senton. Kendrick grabbed him and tried for a dragon suplex but Swann floated over and countered with a backdrop suplex. Swann went to do something on the top rope but Kendrick cut him off and gave him a neckbreaker on top of the post.

They did a count out spot, but Swann made it to the ring. Kendrick drilled him with a dragon suplex and transitioned into a submission, using Swann’s arms to choke himself. Swann cut him off with a kick and went for the hopping 450 splash but Kendrick got the knees off. Bully choke time, but Swann makes it to the ropes.

Swann comes back and tries to do something off the top rope again, but Kendrick cuts him off and hits the sliced bread…for another nearfall. Swann hits three spinning kicks and pins Kendrick to win the championship.

Swann says this is for all of us. If there is one person he wants to thank, it is his mom. She might not be here, but she is here in spirit. Tom interviews Kendrick. This was supposed to be the biggest day of his life. He mentions Perkins playing mind games backstage. This show was supposed to be all about him. He didn’t lose, and don’t get used to seeing this. Show closes with Swann dancing in the ring.