WWE 205 Live Results (11/7): Lucha House Party vs TJP & Mike Kanellis, Mark Andrews Competes in the UK, Buddy Murphy & More

WWE 205 Live Results
November 7, 2018

— A video package opens the show recapping the #1 contenders match last week between Mustafa Ali and Tony Nese. Announcing Buddy Murphy vs Mustafa Ali for the Cruiserweight championship at Survivor Series.Drake Maverick then runs down the rest of the card which features TJP and Mike Kanellis vs Lucha House party and our main event which is Buddy Murphy vs Mark Andrews in a non- title match! This looks like an exciting episode of 205 Live!

Lucha House Party vs TJP and Mike Kanellis (w/ Maria Kanellis)

The announcers recapped what happened last week when TJP ran into the ring and blindsided Gran Metalik and Stealing his mask.

Representing Lucha House party this week is Kalisto and Lince Dorado. Kalisto and TJP start the match with some basic chain wrestling which ends with Kalisto backing TJP in the corner. TJP goes for the mask early while the ref orders a clean break. Kalisto with an arm drop then drop kick. Lince Dorado is tagged in and the luchadors hit a tag team maneuver where Lince Dorado stood on Kalisto’s hands and did a swenton bomb onto TJP. Mike Kanellis enters the match to slow down the pace a little and he starts stomping away at Lince Dorado. Lince Dorado fights his way back into the back with a hurricanrana and a dropkick onto Mike Kanellis. TJP Distracts Lince Dorado enough for Mike Kanellis to get the advantage while the crowd is chanting ” a**hole”

Mike Kanellis and TJP take turns working over Lince Dorado on their side of the before Mike Kanellis hits a series of clotheslines in back to back corners and finishes it off with a big boot. Kanellis goes for the pin 1…2.. and Kick out! TJP is tagged in now as he works over the back of Lince Dorado and puts him in a rest hold as the crowd starts getting behind Lince Dorado. Dorado counters a move in the corner from TJP as Dorado tries hard to tag in Kalisto.. And he’s successful! Kalisto hits a series of kicks onto TJP but as Kalisto goes to roll up TJP, Mike Kanellis tags himself in, drags Kalisto outside the ring and slams him into the guardrail. Mike throws Kalisto back in the ring and goes for the pin for a 2 count.

Kalisto reverses a dead-lift suplex into a DDT onto Mike Kanellis as both Mike and Kalisto make the tag. Lince Dorado hits a comeback before hitting a flapjacket on Mike Kanellis then a series of moonsaults onto TJP then he goes for the pin 1..2.. and Kanellis is there to break it up. Lince Dorado hits a double stunner move onto Tjp and Mike Kanellis as the Lucha house party climb the top ropes and hit a double moonsault to the outside onto Mike and TJp. TJp is thrown back in the ring, he counters Lince Dorado into a Leg Lock before Kalisto breaks it up , throws Mike Kanellies on the outside and hits a suicide Dive. Lince Dorado goes for a roll up but as he’s pinning him, TJP goes for the mask only for Dorado to reveal he has a second mask under that one, hits a hurricanrana, goes for the pin.. 1…2…3. LUCHA HOUSE PARTY WINS!

Winner: Lucha House Party!

— We get a video package of Cedric Alexander and Steve Corino training at the performance center, when Lio Rush enters the room and says the rumors of Cedric losing his confidence and coming back to train with the rookies is true. Cedric Alexander says once Lio rush is down carrying Lashley and actually got in the ring Lio Rush could become a champion. Lio Rush then says Cedric Alexander needs a match with the 23 year old Man of the hour and leaves as Cedric looks on pissed off.

— Lio Rush vs Cedric Alexander is announced for next week.

Lio Rush vs A local Competitor

Lio Rush gets cocky and the local competitor ends up getting the upper hands before Lio rush Hits an Enzuquri, throws the local competitor into the corner and starts stomping away before hitting a running cannonball as he climbs to the top rope and hits the Final Hour for the quick Pinfall to remain undefeated in singles competition

Winner: Lio Rush

Lio rush gets on the mic and dedicates his victory to Cedric Alexander, saying that ever since Cedric lost his Cruiserweight championship he’s been in a rut. Lio Rush goes on to that say he respects Cedric for going back to the performance center and for working hard but he reminds everyone that no one works harder then the man of the hour Lio Rush. Lio rush says Next week the age of Alexander meets it’s final hour.. Tick Tock.

— Video package for Walsh wrestler Mark Andrews who will be competing next against the cruiserweight champion Buddy Murphy.

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Buddy Murphy (c) vs Mark Andrews – Non-Title Match

Buddy Murphy backs Andrews into the corner to start the match and takes him down with an arm drag but stays connected to the hand. Andrew tries countering multiple times to no success until he’s finally able to use his speed to escape. Andrews goes for the Standing shooting star press early in the match but Murphy moves out of the way for an early stalemate. Andrews tries using his speed to hit a hurricanrana but Murphy catches him but as he goes for the powerbomb Andrews reserves it into a rollup . Murphy slips out of the ring but Andrews hit an over the top rope dive onto Murphy to get the advantage. Andrews goes for a DDT but Murphy catches him again and lawn Darts him into the second turnbuckle.

Murphy now uses his strength advantage to throw Andrews around the ring then hits him with a big elbow to the back of the neck. Murphy continues to toss Andrews across the ring and throws elbows into the face of Murphy then goes for the pin 1..2 Andrews kicks out.Andrews gets out of a submission attempt then hits a reverse hurricanrana spiking Murphy on his head but Murphy gets out of the ring. Andrews notices Murphy on the outside of the ring and hits a big suicide dive onto Murphy that makes him fly over the announcers table. Andrews jumps over the Announcers table to get to Murphy and hits him with repeated punches to the face before Murphy can get away. Andrews jumps off the stairs and hits a running swenton onto Murphy tosses him back into the ring and goes for the pin 1..2 Murphy kicks out. Andrews and Murphy botch a sunset flip roll up attempt but recover nicely for a 2 count from Andrews.

The two exchange strikes in the middle of the ring that Andrews gets the better of and tries to hit a DDT but again Murphy counters it but this time is able to hit the powerbomb for 2 as the crowd comes unglued for these two! Andrews hits a stunner out of no where to stun the champion, Andrews then goes to the ring to try hitting a shooting star press but Murphy gets his knees up, hits a big running knee then hits his finisher Murphy’s Law. Murphy goes for the pin. 1…2… 3 and thats all she wrote folks! Buddy Murphy is the winner in his first match since winning the championship.

Winner: Buddy Murphy