WWE Edits Bret Hart's Tough Enough Speech, Goldberg Upset With The Hitman

Bret Hart spoke with Tough Enough contestants on last night’s episode. The terms “wrestling” and “wrestlers” were censored during his speech.

It is said that show producers Shed Media US are still in talks with WWE regarding what terms can and cannot be used on the program.

The WWE Hall of Famer discussed his appearance on Twitter, writing, “The main points I said were to never hurt yourself or your opponent and to never forget the fan inside you that was sitting in the stands.”

Two-time World Champion Bill Goldberg, who struck Hart with a thrust kick to the head during a match at WCW Starrcade 1999 (resulting in a severe concussion), replied to Hart’s remarks.

He wrote, “I feel like you were talking to me….”

Regarding the injury, Hart speculated years ago that he may have suffered up to three additional concussions within matches over the course of that day along with the days immediately following Starrcade, having been unaware of the severity of his injuries. The sum total of those injuries left Hart with post-concussion syndrome and ultimately forced his retirement from professional wrestling. Hart wrote a Calgary Sun column in which he said that Goldberg “had a tendency to injure everyone he worked with.”

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