WWE holding training camp in London, update on NXT UK TV deal

The members of the WWE’s United Kingdom roster are currently doing a somewhat secretive one-week training camp in London, similar to tryout camps that the company does for potential signees.

Unlike almost everyone signed to regular developmental deals, much of the U.K. talent didn’t necessarily go through these type of camps before because they were attempting to sign as many of the top talent as possible to make sure they didn’t sign with ITV.

Wrestletalk broke the story and noted that the camp was being called a Performance Center crash course, focusing on strength and conditioning training as well as drills. The British trainers, Robbie Brookside, Johnny Moss, and James Mason, who are based in Orlando, were running the camp along with Matt Bloom, the head of the Performance Center. They also had a nutritional consultant to help teach the wrestlers about dieting and improving their cosmetic shape.

The intensive days included seven to 13 hours of both training and classes. Wrestletalk noted that the WWE has not publicized this, nor have any of the participants acknowledged this in their social media, meaning it was meant to be kept secret..

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There is a media day for the WWE in the U.K. scheduled for Thursday. Members of the roster in training are under the impression that the U.K. television deal will be announced at that time.

When the tapings were scheduled, WWE was working on a U.K. television distributor for the already taped shows, believed to be with BT Sports. But the deal ran into a problem and wasn’t able to be finalized. The shows were already announced for the WWE Network, but that original idea was for it to be on the Network after debuting first on a U.K. platform where the shows would get greater exposure. But after the first announcement in a Network video of upcoming programming, nothing since has been said and no start date was ever announced.