WWE Mae Young Classic Results (10/24): Io Shirai vs Rhea Ripley, Toni Storm vs Meiko Satomura, Tournament Semifinals

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WWE Mae Young Classic Results
October 24, 2018
Week #7

Semifinal Round Match
Toni Storm vs. Meiko Satomura

A slow start to things as Storm applies a side headlock and really takes her time trying to maintain control. Good luck against Meiko… Satomura wrestled out and grappled her way to the mat, wrenching away on her opponent’s knee with a modified, standing Figure Four. Toni tried to fight her way back but got caught with a spinning wheel kick right to the jaw. She tried for an early pin but Storm caught her with an armdrag right into a modified STF, showing she’s no slouch at the submission game either.

Storm eventually broke the hold realizing she wasn’t going to win that way, instead connecting with a hip attack in the corner and a textbook Northern Lights suplex for a nearfall. She flew through the ropes with a suicide dive, taking both ladies hard into the entrance ramp.

Both ladies slowly rolled back into the ring and Storm connected with some kicks to the midsection. Meiko fired up and started screaming, delivering kicks of her own. She got the better of the brutal exchange before hitting a running double knee stomp to the back of the head, followed by a Death Valley Driver! 1…2…NO!

Satomura couldn’t believe she didn’t get the win and went for a knee strike, but Storm caught her with a German suplex on the back of the neck. STORM ZERO CONNECTS! 1…2…NO! The crowd went absolutely insane after that last nearfall. Storm tried for another Strong Zero but got caught with an enzuigiri to the back of the head.

Meiko with a rolling kick, followed by a second Death Valley Driver, the Scorpion Kick for the 1…2… STORM STILL KICKED OUT! Meiko went for the DVD one last time, but Storm somehow found her second wind, hooked the arms and delivered another Strong Zero! 1….2….3!

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Winner: Toni Storm

— After the match Kairi Sane came out with flowers which she gave to Toni Storm. Triple H came out and help up Meiko’s hand and the crowd went absolutely insane, thanking her for her amazing performance.

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