WWE NXT Results (10/30): Women’s Division Goes to War, Undisputed Era Defends Tag Team Titles

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WWE NXT Results
October 30, 2019

The show opens with a Poppy concert. Poppy and her band play “I Disagree,” as highlights from last week’s show play.

FIRST MATCH: Io Shirai vs. Candice LeRae

Shoving match to start. Candice chases Io around the ring. Io its a Tiger Feint Kick on the apron. Io hits a tope. Io sends Candice back in the ring. Candice its a Tope. Candice hits an apron neckbreaker. Candice hits a Senton for a nearfall.

Candice hits a back elbow. Io fights back with a lungblower. Io maintains dominance and gets a nearfall. Io locks in a chinlock. Io sends Candice to the canvas and hits a sliding dropkick. Both women trade the advantage, until Candice hits an enzuigiri. Candice climbs to the top rope. Shirai sends Candice to the floor, as the head to commercial.

Back from commercial, LeRae hits a Tornado DDT for a nearfall. Shirai fights back and climbs the top rope. Shirai goes for a Moonsault but Candice gets her knees up. They trade blows. LeRae rolls up Shirai for two. Shirai locks in a Rolling Armbar. Candice wriggles out but Shirai locks in a headscissors. LeRae gets to the ropes. Candice stops Shirai from using a chair. Candic hits a Full Nelson Facebuster. Candice attempts the Lionsault but Shirai moves and LeRae lands on the chair. Io covers for the pinfall.

WINNER: Io Shirai

After the match, Shirai attacked LeRae but Rhea Ripley fought Shirai off.

A video package shows Finn explaining how good it felt to beat up Johnny Gargano. “The Prince Is Back.”

After the commercial break, Pete Dunne vs. Damian Priest is announced for next week. Finn Balor enters the arena.


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