WWE Raw Results (6/24): Ricochet vs. AJ Styles, Sami Zayn vs. Kofi Kingston, The Undertaker Returns!

June 24th, 2019
Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com


We start the show with the BEAST SLAYER….WWE Universal Champion, SETH ROLLINS! The crowd chants for Seth to burn something down, and they are really hot for him tonight. Seth talks about last night, and how Baron Corbin thought he was going to take that title from him.

Out comes THE MAN, Becky Lynch! Becky comes out to lots of adulation and makes her way to the ring and Seth is smiling away. Seth looks confused for a second and Becky gets on the mic. Seth tells Becky that she interrupted him, but he says that he has to give Baron Corbin some credit. He was smart enough to know he couldn’t out wrestle him, out fight him, and smart enough to get a referee that he couldn’t bash in with a chair. But he wasn’t smart enough to realize that has the best backup in the world.

Becky says that it pays to be the Man’s man. She says that Lacey Evans tried at the end of the night to steal another title but the man had to step in. Baron Corbin’s music plays but we see Lacey Evans attack Becky Lynch from behind. Seth pulls her off and separates the two. Becky pushes Seth and wants at Lacey….so he steps aside and Becky jumps at Lacey and begins to pummel her.

Corbin comes out and he and Rollins begin to throw hands and Becky knocks Lacey out of the ring and Seth throws Corbin out of the ring. Corbin gets on the mic and he says that Becky saved him again. He tells Seth to go home, put on an apron and make Becky Lynch a sandwich. He says that without Becky, he wouldn’t be Universal Champion. He says that he would rather take Lacey Evans in a mixed tag team match any day of the week. Lacey says they should do it at Extreme Rules.

Seth and Becky agree, and Corbin challenges them to put up BOTH their titles in a Winner Take All match. Both The Man and The Beast Slayer accept.


Xavier Woods starts the match against Daniel Bryan, who is the hometown favorite. Scott Dawson immediately tags himself in, and Bryan pushes him. Dawson gets a collar & elbow tie up on Woods and then drags him down to the mat. Woods is able to tag in Big E, who shoulder blocks Dawson and then hits his running splash on Dawson.

Dawson bounces off the ropes now and Rowan tags himself in and he mows down Big E. The Revival go and take out the Usos while Big E tags in Xavier Woods. Rowan tags in Bryan and then Rowan takes out Big E. Back in the ring, Woods and Bryan are running back and forth, leap frogging, countering, but Bryan finally gets the knee on Woods. Bryan looks confused and mad at Dawson when he looks at him and he runs and hits Dawson with a suicide dive?

Bryan gets back in the ring and bounces off the ropes and Dawson hits Bryan and then Woods rolls up Bryan and gets the cover, and Bryan & Rowan are eliminated!

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Immediately after, Woods turns around into the Shatter Machine by Dash & Dawson and The New Day are eliminated! The match restarts as a tag team match because matches aren’t allowed during commercial breaks, and we get Jimmy in with Dash Wilder, who hits a kick on Jimmy. Jimmy responds back with a chop, but Dash gets a headbutt on Jimmy Uso. Wilder tags in Scott Dawson and he lifts him up to hit Jimmy Uso with a Doomsday Device. They go for the cover, but Jimmy kicks out!

They put Jimmy on the top rope and Dash looks to superplex him, while Dawson looks to superplex Jey on the other side. Jey gets superplexed, but Jimmy fights off, and hits a splash on the landing Dawson and picks up the pin and the victory!

Winners: The Usos & The New Day

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