WWE Raw Results (7/29): Brock Lesnar Sends Seth Rollins To The Hospital, New Tag Team Champions, More

July 29th, 2019
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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We are kicking off tonight’s WWE Raw with a WWE 24/7 Championship match as Drake Maverick and Renee Michelle team up to take on R-Truth and Carmella with the WWE 24/7 Championship on the line in a moshpit (Not fully explained), mixed tag team championship match. It is worth noting that there are plenty of WWE Superstars at ringside for this match.

As soon as the bell rings, Drake Maverick goes for a roll-up victory, but Truth is able to kick out and he quickly gets a hip toss and a leg drop into the splits on Maverick to take control. Truth then dances around which frustrates Maverick who chases him, but as he is tossed over the ring he is caught by the WWE Superstars who carry him around.

Back in the ring Truth takes down Truth yet again, with Renee getting into the ring to break things up, leading to her brawling with Carmella. With Maverick separating the two, he turns around into a slap from Carmella and Truth takes out Maverick to retain.

Winners: R-Truth & Carmella

After the match, all of the talents outside the ring jump on R-Truth in what is a huge moshpit and the referee counts to three and the winner and new champion is…

Mike Kanellis!

Kanellis is then shown backstage running away from everyone as he enters the WWE officials room, with all the talent trying to get in until Maria Kanellis turns up and tells them that the pregnant lady needs to see her husband, leading to everyone leaving and Mike holding onto the title….for now.

Maria then tries to get into the room but Mike doesn’t let her in due to thinking it could be Carmella, but Maria states if he doesn’t let her in, she will “kick him in the vagina.”

GAUNTLET MATCH (Winner faces AJ Styles at SummerSlam for the U.S Title)
Match #1 Rey Mysterio vs Cesaro

Cesaro starts the match by taking Rey Mysterio to the ground straight away, looking for some quick pinfalls, but Rey is easily able to kick out of both straight away, and he then goes for his own, which Cesaro powers out of.

The Swiss Superman quickly takes control of the match with a huge clothesline, taking Mysterio out, but he manages to battle out and catches Cesaro with a boot to the face, landing on Cesaro’s shoulders as both men go over the top rope, with Rey staying on his shoulders.

Mysterio then sends Cesaro face-first into the barricade before following up by sliding out of the ring onto Cesaro on the floor. As they re-enter the ring, Mysterio sets up Cesaro for a 619 but he avoids it by going to the outside and instead Rey hits him with a baseball slide which he follows up by sending Cesaro over the barricade.

As we return from commercial we are shown the fact that Cesaro has regained control by launching Mysterio into the electronic ring posts, and now back in the ring he hits an elbow drop from the second rope before locking in a submission which Rey tries to fight out of before being launched into the turnbuckles.

As the two men battle, Mysterio comes off on top, hitting a senton from the top rope and then catches Cesaro with a kick to the face that only picks up a two-fall. Mysterio looks to keep the pace high by hitting a springboard, but he is caught in mid-air with an uppercut and Cesaro then rocks Rey with a huge big boot.

Cesaro once again looks to send Rey into the turnbuckles, but he counters and it is Cesaro who goes face-first into them, although he quickly responds with a big uppercut. Cesaro then lifts Rey onto the second rope but Rey fights back again as the two men brawl, with Mysterio getting the best of it, hitting a bulldog from the top rope.

This leaves Cesaro in a dangerous position as Rey hits the 619 and follows it up with a big splash as he advances to the next match…

(Results continue on the next page…)

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