WWE Survivor Series Results: Charlotte Flair vs Alexa Bliss

WWE Survivor Series Results
Charlotte Flair vs Alexa Bliss

Lots of trash-talking before and after the bell as the two champions just went right after each other. They fought out to the apron and Charlotte took a really nasty bump off an arm drag to the floor; it looked like she landed square on her face. Bliss kept the pressure on, throwing her into the steel steps and connecting with a dropkick to the ribs. The Raw champ noticed the potential injury and slowed things down into a hammerlock variation, while drilling her elbow and knuckles into the ribcage of her opponent. She went for the pin but couldn’t get three, obviously starting to lose her composure.

Bliss started pie-facing her opponent yelling “you’re not the queen here” but got a little too cocky, running into a pair of boots in the corner. Charlotte tried to rush out of the corner, but Alexa immediately dropped her into the bottom turnbuckle the hard way. She went for a tornado DDT off the second rope, but the Smackdown champ finally showed signs of life countering with an exploder suplex into the ropes! She went high risk looking for the top rope moonsault, but Bliss catches her with a dropkick that sends her crashing down on the back of her neck! Yikes!

Flair is having a really rough go of it here. Bliss went up top looking for Twisted Bliss but realized she wasn’t going to get it, so instead settled for a double knee stomp to the injured ribs. She tried to follow up with a sunset flip over the ropes but Charlotte powered her up into a powerbomb for two-and-a-half. Both girls slow getting to their feet – sunset flip powerbomb out of nowhere from Alexa Bliss! Great move. She lined up for her DDT looking to put this match away but Flair fought back with a series of hard knife-edge chops backing her into the corner. Bliss into a front mounted chokehold, but the Queen found her balance and lifted up the Raw champ for another massive powerbomb!

The crowd started to come alive at this point with dueling “let’s go Charlotte, let’s go Bliss!” chants. They were surprisingly split about 50/50, I guess showing how much being a babyface actually matters these days. Natural Selection out of nowhere! 1…2…somehow Alexa kicked out. The Smackdown champion signaled for the end, climbing the ropes for a massive moonsault, but she crashed and burned landing flat on the mat. Bliss with the sickening DDT! 1…2…Charlotte kicks out!

The Goddess couldn’t believe that she kicked, throwing a tantrum and screaming at the referee. She pulled the lifeless body of her opponent up and screamed at her to stand on her own feet, but Charlotte threw her into the ropes and completely destroyed her with a spear. Both women are down, and have exhausted literally everything in their arsenal. Bliss just started throwing knees in the corner trying to further break her rival’s damaged ribs. She went up for the Twisted Bliss a second time, but Charlotte got the knees up and immediately went into the Figure Eight submission! It’s over!

Winner: Charlotte Flair

#RAW – 2️⃣#SDLive – 3️⃣

It’s THREE IN A ROW for #SDLive as @MsCharlotteWWE reigns over @AlexaBliss_WWE! #SurvivorSeries pic.twitter.com/9NmY0yTllw

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) November 20, 2017

All it takes is the #Figure🎱 as @MsCharlotteWWE gives #SDLive the advantage with a victory over @AlexaBliss_WWE! #SurvivorSeries pic.twitter.com/SYhSdT5LWr

— WWE (@WWE) November 20, 2017

.@AlexaBliss_WWE, you wouldn’t like @MsCharlotteWWE when she’s angry… #SurvivorSeries pic.twitter.com/1FsCCStyTF

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) November 20, 2017

Chops hurt. But when they’re done by a FLAIR? EXCRUCIATING!#SurvivorSeries @MsCharlotteWWE pic.twitter.com/FrLwyLYLhV

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) November 20, 2017

Things may have just swung in favor of the QUEEN and #SDLive #WomensChampion @MsCharlotteWWE! #SurvivorSeries pic.twitter.com/GaKzuRmYoH

— WWE (@WWE) November 20, 2017

Advantage: GODDESS!#SurvivorSeries @AlexaBliss_WWE @MsCharlotteWWE pic.twitter.com/NUEgaW23SI

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) November 20, 2017

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