Xavier Woods Talks Early Days Of The New Day, Video Games & More

The following are highlights of a new Miami Herald interview with Xavier Woods:

On how the early days of The New Day act worked in the trio’s favor: “Initially, it didn’t go the way people thought it would go. We wanted to capitalize on the heel stuff, which is something we kind of wanted to begin with. So everything worked out together, I feel like it worked out in our favor because if we were to come out doing this from the get-go it wouldn’t’ be as effective and feel as fun. That’s why this evolution and journey we’ve been on in trying to get where we are means a lot more to us. I feel it also means a lot to the fans because they can feel how they’ve effected the change in us.”

On how video games have had a positive effect on his life: “Video games were my haven,” Woods said. “I just didn’t talk to humans at all. I was very socially awkward, so all I did was video games. Then when I started to play video games with other kids. That was the time I talked to people. So those kids brought me out of my shell and really helped me. Without them I would still be up against the wall playing my N64 not talking to anyone. So it really drew me out and made me who I am today. So I really owe my life to video games.”

Check out the complete interview at MiamiHerald.com.

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