Zack Gibson Talks Missing Out On WWE UK Championship Tournament, Future With WWE, Success Of PROGRESS

Liverpool’s Number 1. Zack Gibson recently spoke with Sports Bible’s Josh Lawless ahead of the Super Strong Style 16 event this weekend, where he spoke about his future with WWE.

The success of PROGRESS Wrestling:

“I’m one of a handful of guys that was there on the first show that are still there now so I have been with the company and watched them grow to the position they are in now. It seems like every year we have to look around and think, ‘can it get any better than this?’ – for example when we were in the Garage the crowds were mental and then moving to the ballroom we’re thinking, ‘this is it!’.

Working with WWE & his goals to sign with the company:

“It kind of goes without saying, I would imagine 99 per cent of wrestlers would admit that their goal when they first got into wrestling, especially in the modern era, was to wrestle for the WWE.That was my goal. I’ve been extra talent on a couple of shows – there’s a few pictures of me and a few of the lads as Rosebuds.

“But this was the first time I stepped into a ring as Gibson in my own gear and wrestled on a WWE event. It was a massive step in the right direction for me and a big landmark in my career. It was a bit unreal really – I’ve rubbed shoulders with these guys before but not in that capacity. I’m hoping that this leads to bigger things and hopefully this is just the first step and hopefully, you can ask me in a few years what it was like debuting on a main show.”

Signing for World Of Sport and missing the WWE UK Tournament:

“The deal with ITV was for nine months so in wrestling nine months just flies by, it’s no time at all. Since I hadn’t heard of any concrete plans with WWE UK, I thought I’d use ITV to raise my stock and then hopefully – because I knew I was getting quite close – that would be the catalyst that forces their [WWE’s] hand and gets me in.

“The timing couldn’t have been worse. I’d signed with ITV and almost moments later they announced they wanted to do it and I missed out. It was never promised to me but I’m fairly confident I would have been involved in the first tournament – I’ve had conversations with a few people.”

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